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  • Posted on: September Photo Month Winners Week 4

    Thanks EPZ and congrats to the other winners too.
    • 3 Oct 2013 8:54PM
  • Posted on: Enlight Photo Products From JP Distribution

    Quote:You could buy a proper generic ring flash for that amount and if you really wanted to go down this route there are lots of similar items available for a fraction of the cost. 180 for something made out of plastic that has no electronic components contained within it whatsover is a complete con! When are these manufacturers/distributors going to learn to stop taking us for mugs!!!


    They are not going to learn anything as long as they can con the mugs out there who are prepared to buy this stuff.
    • 19 Jan 2013 1:15PM
  • Posted on: Lightroom Sharpening

    Quote:There is also fifth slider for sharpening.... Luminance Noise Reduction

    Agreed,you should use this in conjunction with the sharpening method in the tutorial.Go easy on the detail slider though as this can exacerbate noise.
    • 19 Jan 2013 12:52PM

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