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04/02/2012 - 7:40 PM

close friends

close friends'Superb expression & toning on this candid Monochrome Image,' Al~

I feel that a 'mild crop,' from the left' (excluding the door frame & white triagonal tile on the floor), & a slight crop from the 'top of the image frame' (to the top of the woman's head),...would present a "stronger composition & focus." Just my opinion on this one. Many may disagree with my constructive critique & recommendation~

~ Keep them coming. Enjoying your candid photography immensely. Wink

Ciao~ Peter
01/02/2012 - 1:18 AM

Mini Woody

Mini WoodyExcellent capture with beautiful color, tonality, & composition.

I find that your Image is a 'little soft,' & a 'tad noisy.' Therefore, I would recommend some sharpening tool or unsharp mask,...along with some mild 'noise reduction software' (Noiseware, Noise Ninja). I think that this Image 'would greatly benefit,' with these two manipulations, & I hope that You take no offense to my Critique.~

Regards~ Peter
01/08/2011 - 10:40 PM

Pink Flower

Pink Flower'Lovely color & details, Ayoob.' One suggestion for improving this image & others,...for future reference. In particular to macro and close-up captures, & any photograph, for that matter. I feel that your image would 'have more photographic impact & appeal,' Ayoob, if You left a little more space around the 'beautiful bloom,' and did not 'crop so tightly.' In most instances,...it is better to 'err on a little more space,' around the main subject in an image,...than too 'crop too tightly.' I had to learn this lesson from a 'renown photographer' from another website. Keep your beautiful images coming, Ayoob, as they are excellent & unique.

08/06/2011 - 11:10 PM

deep in thought

deep in thoughtExcellent skin tones, color, & clarity on this full portrait capture, Trevor. The model has a very demure subtle & beautiful smile. Unfortunately, the photograph is somewhat degraded by the very bright white highlights background on the left side. This distracts the viewer, momentarily in looking at her beautiful face. However, this image can be 'saved with a very simple' remedy. Just perform a "close crop,"...from the 'left side of the image frame,' into the mid-lateral portion of her lovely brown hair,...which excludes "all the white" from your "new portrait picture." Just try this tight crop, and then re-optimize all your image parameters, & 'repost this image!' Good Luck.

Regards...Peter Smile
10/03/2011 - 6:45 PM

A Challenge to Mikbee

A Challenge to MikbeeYou have focused superbly, Malc, and have captured excellent light, color, tones, textures, & details. This seems, 'like an appropriate,' & 'fair & square' challenge to Mickbee(Mick). I am sure, he will be up to it.
The focus of the photograph, which is the 'locking of the two prominent huge metal links in the chain,' has been placed in an 'optimal sweet thirds position,' in the image frame. However, my eye 'is slightly distracted,' & "drawn" to the bright whites, in the 'left upper corner' of the image frame. Therefore, a simple modification, for a "more effective impact," Malc, would be to crop from the top, approximately 2 cm, down,... excluding the white portion from your picture. I would also suggest 'just a slight increase(Bump-up)' of the 'saturation & contrast,'...to 'make your image pop.' Hope that this may help the image project "even better." It is a very nice shot.
Regards...Peter Wink
07/03/2011 - 2:01 AM

Sunday Afternoon.

Sunday Afternoon.Nice photographic impact of this lightly 'blue-tinted monochrome' image, conveying 'a disorganized, laid-back,' Sunday afternoon,...with the beer, smokes, & all. It is a 'unique photograph' in its own right. Since my eye, is drawn towards the bright white post, on the right side of the image frame,...I would be inclined to crop this off the image. You would still maintain the ashtray in the foreground with enough space around it. In doing this crop, you would also get rid of the problem of the 'verticals of the right-sided white post,' so just crop it off to its edge(of course completely). In addition, I feel that you can 'decrease the contrast' & 'lighten up' the image 'just a tad,' as some fine details & textures of the paraphernalia would be brought out. Just my thoughts, on your photograph. Hope that this helps your future work.
07/03/2011 - 12:50 AM

NZ Kingfisher

NZ KingfisherBeautiful capture of this juvenile Kingfisher with artistic composition in the image frame. Here, I think 'slightly more room around the bird,' would project, somewhat, better, because, as You have said and appreciated, there is some lack of optimal feather details. In conjunction with this, there are some bright white feather highlights in the image, which lack detail & definition, & which we could call 'slightly blown.' However, I think You can salvage this image with a 'curves adjustment,' and some 'mild application of a sharpening tool'(not too much). I feel that, if the correct brightness & contrast adjustments are made, along with mild sharpening,...some of the underlying details can be brought out. If the image was captured in RAW, of course, we would have much more digital information to work with. A 'looser crop'(if you have good bg real estate), with optimal position of the Kingfisher in 'a thirds sweet spot,' would further enhance this image, IMHO. Good Luck.
Regards...Peter Smile
20/02/2011 - 11:16 PM


SunsetHi Jasmine. This is a lovely scenic capture with wonderful light, color, & picture elements. I am by no means any expert landscape or scenic photographer, but I have some potentially helpful comments on your nice scenic image. First off, I think that You have composed the image fairly well, according to the artistic thirds concept. The large amount of sky, gives your photograph a sense of space & scale, and the image is divided into about 2/3 rds sky, and 1/3 rd terrain. It is always better 'to err, on too much sky than too little,' and has been mentioned, a slight 6-8 mm, off a top crop, may make it slightly better. The next thing I would say, is that the image, looks 'a little flat,' and needs to have the contrast curve, increased to a more optimal level. Also, it seems like some details of the trees and landscape are obscured in the foreground. This could be improved with some slight lightening and a curves adjustment, with attention, 'not to burn out' that lovely pastel sky with the brightness & contrast tweaking. A slight bump in color saturation, would also make the image impact a little more forceful. Lastly, some of the newer DSLR's and digicams have a 'HDR image setting,' which allows the photographer select three different exposures, say -0.33 EV, 0 EV, & +0.33 EV. The camera then allows you to combine the elements from all three exposures, which give you 'a higher dynamic range than one exposure, alone.' This means that more 'bit depth of the pixels will be recorded in the image format, allowing a larger range of image parameters. I enjoy viewing your work, Jasmine, and You possess a wonderful attitude, of 'an artist, who wants to improve and listen to other's opinions.' I hope that this would help your efforts in the future.
Regards...Peter Smile
17/02/2011 - 11:31 PM

The other woman in my life!

The other woman in my life!This is a nice capture of your guitar & amplifier, Ricky, with good focus, and spectrum of tonal gradations, on this monochrome rendering. The following is my honest feeling about the photograph. When trying to image a still life object, it is important to make the background & lighting, along with composition('rule of thirds'), in a way,...that really "sets off" the 'subject & focus' of your image. Although, sometimes, a 'cluttered natural capture' will be effective as a photograph, a fine art still life photograph, should not have such a 'distracting background.' Most of the time, the most simplest of backgrounds, are 'the most effective.' There, really is 'no point-of-focus' in this image, as the guitar is 'superimposed over the amplifier,' & there are 'other distracting objects' in the image frame. Also, in my opinion, the image is 'too closely cropped.' I would definitely recommend a reshoot, of 'just the guitar,' on a simple background, of your choice, that would 'accentuate the guitar's beautiful qualities.' I am hoping, that You do not take my remarks, personally, as my intention is to improve the creativity of your photography. I learn new things every day, and always welcome other member's opinions. Stay well.
13/02/2011 - 9:02 PM

Rhondda Miner

Rhondda  MinerExcellent light, color, & clarity, Pauline, on this still life image rendering. I feel that you should give the figurine 'a little bit more' space in the image frame,' because it is somewhat too tight. With that added space, around the subject, in relation to the background, then, try to place the 'center of focus' of the figure, 'in the sweet spot,' in the image frame, according to the photographic 'rule of thirds.' You will note that if subject is placed within the 'frame of the image,' with this in mind, that 'the asymmetry,' will naturally 'lead one's eye', naturally, to that area of interest. Just my thoughts, on helping You, to formulate your imaging skills. Hoping that the Weekend has been pleasant.
12/02/2011 - 3:54 PM

green vase

green vaseArtistically-composed capture with excellent clarity & color. The rather harsh light, emanating from the doorway, I think, somehow, detracts from the overall thrust of the image. I find my eye being forced towards the light in the door, & not towards the lovely green vase on the antique wooden table. I would recommend capturing this 'ensemble again,' if you can, Krystal, using a different perspective, pov, and angle. Use the available natural light, but you may be forced to use a high ISO or a tripod. Just my constructive thoughts. I do like your creativity, & imagination, regarding 'interior design.' It seems, to me, that this may be 'your calling in life.' Stay well, my Friend, & have a wonderful Weekend.
12/02/2011 - 3:46 PM


woodLovely muted colors & tones, excellent clarity, and artistic composition, have 'all the elements' for an excellent{A} still life image. You have effectively placed the fireplace in the lower third of the left image frame, with the light piece, above, on the mantle,...drawing the viewer's eye, readily into the picture. Stay well & have a good Weekend.
Peter Smile
21/11/2010 - 11:42 PM

bolt of light.....

bolt of light.....Excellent comp & details on your capture. You have some very high "highlighted areas," on the bolts, which you may correct, or 'tone down,' with "a curves adjustment" on your photo software program.
Just some constructive thoughts to help in your future captures.
08/11/2010 - 8:36 PM

ID unknown

ID unknownVery nice capture, Milena. Just a "thought." I think if You placed the "unknown" flower, more effectively into the image frame ("Rule Of Thirds"),...I think that your image rendering would be more effective. The almost center position of 'a focal point,' "usually" is not the most optimal, in the way that the human eye works, in an image frame composition. Again, I mention this to You, so that it may benefit your photographic endeavors.
14/09/2010 - 1:22 AM


ConisboroughVery nice capture, Xwang, with very good color & clarity. I would suggest a little cropping from the top of the image frame(I think that it would improve the impact of your image). Regards...Peter
13/08/2010 - 3:30 AM

Raphaella Morning Wind

Raphaella Morning WindElegant & excellent capture of the lovely Lady in a beautiful pose, with fine color, clarity, & light. I think that there are other, "more artistic 'options,' for cropping this image frame," IMHO. Just my thoughts(I would crop some optimally from the top, & right side of the frame, and a little from the bottom. This would really focus into the model & the flowing white lacy dress). Regards...LEx
11/05/2010 - 11:55 PM


TorsThe capture is very good, but I would not perform "so tight a crop." Next thing I would suggest is slight sharpening tool, and then, to "optimally," boosting the contrast. Hoping, that these suggestions may be helpful to you. Regards...Peter
05/04/2010 - 12:48 AM

Black headed Gull

Black headed GullExcellent capture of this Black-headed Gull with excellent clarity & color. Because of the angle of the sun on the tight white feathers, there are white highlights behind the eye, where there is loss of some feather detail. I guess you captured with JPEG, and not RAW, but you can run a tonal curves adjustment to the region, to see, whether you can pull some feather detail & tone down the highlights. This is a common problem, that we all face when photographing bright, especially white, subjects in bright reflected light. I really enjoy your excellent work, and hoping that you had a nice Easter...Peter