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Hope you like my gallery, I like to have a try at all types of photography.
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  • Hi Everyone,

    Im going to Croft this weekend with a mate to get some shots of the Touring Cars, does anyone know where the best spots are???????

  • its got to be Tim McKenna for surf/ extreme sports photography!!!
  • to be honest Vince, after reading the feedback of Clockers I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole...!! but i see the type of spec that should be looking at.....
    the monitor is a bit steep, i know you get what you pay for but shouldnt I spend more on the computer?????? and go for a good 22 inch
  • I had been lookin at something like this link[/link]http://www.ebuyer.com/product/161642/show_product_overview

    together with a good monitor.
  • I will check out the ocuk, I was after a bit more tech advice regarding the spec though, im after more tech advice......as below

    ie what processor - Quad core - like the intel i7 quad ??
    1 or 2 hard drives???? ram????
    graphics card????
    resolution of monitor????? monitor type????
  • If you had a budget of 850 for a PC (NOT MAC) including monitor what would your spec be for a build your own, and also where would you get it from in the UK?????

    I have been looking at pcspecialist and also meshcomputers, any other recommendations???
  • I always thought macs were over priced, but after buying an acer laptop for 400+ last august with vista home premium pre intalled and then having all the problems with the missing dvd drive which keeps popping up every 4 weeks just to make me even more pi$$ed off( and before you say it yes I have been to the randomfix.com page and ive removed all the upperfilters and lowerfilters ) the new 13inch macbook pro for 899 looks very tempting.

    I wouldnt say im the type of person that goes just on looks, even though i have previuosly owned an alfa 156 2.4jtd sportwagon (best car ive owned) and my wife is stunning and brazilian ( better handling than the alfa Wink), so im left wondering if im missing out with the new macbook pro????

    ps hope this doesnt start you guys off again!! ive just spent the last 30 minutes reading through the last threads!!!
  • try kerso hes a member on here, he has an ebay shop and his prices are the most competative , ive been checking prices for a 100-400 on the net at camerapricebuster dot co.uk, and he is still beats them.
    let me know if you get one, im having the same dilemma finding a lens for my surf pics!!???
  • by Tom Jobim (famous brazilian singer)

    Transaltes to -

    Living in New York is marvellous, but its ****,
    Living in Brasil is ****, but its marvellous!
  • try a bit of exalta samba, brazilian samba, the wife loves having a little dance round the kitchen to their music!!
  • I feel ya! Im on the bones of my arse aswell, the company I worked for in the UK went bump when I was taking my 4 weeks holiday visiting my family in Brasil. My boss, the gutless tw*t, didnt even have the decency to give me a heads up before I left. There I was making plans and spending all my cash and then came the bad news, he didnt even call me, he sent an email instead and all this happened at the start of February, I had to resort to asking my dad to help me out the last couple of months.
    You think its hard finding work across there, imagine what its like here. It wouldnt be as bad if I were on my own, but with a family of four to provide for its really difficult.
    At least there is one plus side to it, I am loosing weight and not gaining!!! and if i were loosing my hair I wopuld just shave the lot off!!!
    Well my opinion is you just got to keep on going, keep fighting, dont let the bast*rds grind you down!!!! you could be a lot worse off when you really think about it!!!
    cheer up mate!!! its up to you to get through the hard times!!
  • Adrian if you look down the list of peoples comments on the page (randomfix) you will come across a guy named scanner, i have exactly the same problem as he does. I have removed all the programs like NTI and nero and itunes and still nothing. vista home premium came preinstalled along with NTI when i bought the laptop. I even tried removing vista and installing xp but vista wouldnt let me, and also because I didnt have a drive I couldnt use the xp cd. I even tried booting it of a separate hard drive and still no joy. A nightmare!!
  • I had and have tried again the fix from the site randomfix, Adrian, and still after rebooting the cd/dvd drive doesnt show when you open the computer drives.
    It shows up sometimes but when I try to use the drive it either freezes/crashes and the drives dissapears again. That is what has driven me mad, I have now given up the fight, and have come to live wothout the dvd drive. I know it sounds ridicullous but after trying everything, I think the only thing i could do now would be to take it in for repair.
  • many thanks for the replies,
    I had already tried three of the fixes and had no joy, i tried one from the links provided and this resulted in total meltdown, computer wouldnt start up again so I had to format the laptop back to its factory settings. didnt loose any docs as everything is backed up to my separate hd.
    I think ill just leave it for the moment, I was going to leave this laptop here in brasil for the family to use and get myself a new one when i come back to the uk!!!!
    anyway thanks for the help guys!!!!!
  • Can anyone help??? I have had my dvd/cd drive missing on my laptop since january!!! I bought an acer 4920 August last year and in january I started having problems with the drive going missing.
    I have scoured the net and contacted acer customer services ,it seems to be a problem that everyone is having concerning microsofts Vista software and an update that altered the upperfilter and lower filters in the registry. I have tried all the fixes but still my dvd drive only makes the odd guest appearences when I least need it!! and it only plays a dvd, if I try to burn anything to a cd/dvd it dissappears again!!!! does anyone have any advice please????
  • I won a bid on a canon 40D this morning at 9.45am from this ebay seller, I had asked the seller a couple of questions yesterday and he hadnt replied.
    I have previously been scammed buying a mobile phone on ebay in Brazil so the alarm bells were already ringing, I had sent a message to the seller telling them to ignore my bid and that I would not be completing the transaction. I recieved an email saying that it was a legally bound transaction, now I am definatly not going through with the transaction.
    I have in the last two weeks also tried to purchase a used canon 40D from amazon and the seller sent me an email saying that she only sold books and that someone had hacked into her account, luckily my money was refunded.
    I personally think if these websites cannot protect themselves from scams then they should be allowed to function on the internet.
    As far as my Canon 40d is concerned I think I will be ordering one off either the warehouse.com or another reputable internet camera shop.
    I definatly wont be taking any more risks with my money!!!!
  • thanks for the feedback guys, both points you have made have been helpful, yes my budget wont stretch to a second hand 1dmkII, I previously owned a canon 300d which I used for my surf photography and it lasted for three years, never had any problems, only suffered from battery ware and I sold it on (in brasil) with the kit lens and 70-300mm lens for 350 which I would never have gotten here in the UK. Strawman is correct, Im already pushing it on the budget and I think for the money this is the best kit available at the moment, the big decision is whether to go for it now or wait till after christmas to see if the price falls any further!!
    ps have now been without any kit for 9 months and im desperate to get back into it!!!
  • I was thinking of investing in a new canon 40d, Ive seen it on camera busters for 550 for the body only, and Im not sure if its worth getting it with the 17-85mm lens for 749.99 or whether to buy the body and get another lens, maybe a sigma 18-200mm? can anyone give me some advice.
    ps in the future I will be investing in a canon 300mm f4 and a 1.4 covertor for my surf pics, but was wanting a good all round lens for day to day use. thanks for any advice
  • Signed up and forwarded on to everyone I know, hope you get many more!!!! well done excellent idea!!!!!!!!!
  • I was going to order a new laptop from BhPhoto in America,the order comes to a total of $1311 does anyone know what the import taxes will be?
  • I was thinking of doing an online course or degree, does anyone have any advice/ experience????I was wanting to earn a qualification or degree. I live in Brasil so im not sure if that will cause any problems.
  • ahhh! calmed down a bit now Paul, listened to The Green Guide to Life on Radio 2 playback, did the trick! highly recommend it. Hope now you have you answer and that you will be staying.
    will be waiting for your next upload! Ate logo!
  • Hi Paul, its very sad to hear that you are contemplating leaving the site. I think that these people who are causing you this grief should be dealt with, how I am not sure. You will hear many people say "dont let them get to you" but if they were in your situation they would also be having the same dissillusioned feelings.
    I think its time that the powers that be at EPZ STAMP this bad behaviour out, Im sure they could find out who these people are, maybe restucture the forum or just get rid of the tossers!
    I personally have learnt a lot from your photography, your comments and your advice has always been welcome. I must admit I cannot believe that it has come to a stage where you are considering leaving the site, it makes me sad and very angry.
    If I was in your situation I would either tackle these people head on or just completely ignore them. What I would recommend is taking some time out, just log on to the site to upload your pics and browse the reader gallery, stay of the forum for a couple of weeks and then see if you are still recieving contact from these people.
    If you are still recieving grief after this then contact me on my email and we can discuss things further.
    I hope things get better for you mate, I have always believed strongly in what goes around comes around, and hopefully when it comes around these b******s will get totally f***ed big style. PAZ E AMOR TO ALL!!
  • I have sold about ten images to surf wear companies, but sell mostly to the surfers directly ( who are always skint). The problem is that I live in Brasil (where the minimum wage is 75 quid a month) so people arent going to have a lot of spare cash to spend on pics. the surf companies here arent big spenders either and sometimes they pay you half in clothing so I would say its pretty impossible to make a living off just photography. I probably made about 400 quid last year( didnt pay any tax Wink)which isnt bad I suppose!
  • hi Paul, it could be worse, I had an 3 images stolen and they have been used on a whole shop front banner, its a surf wear shop in Recife city centre. I later realised he had got the images of a surfer who had sent him a cd for sponsership. I sent him an email threatening legal action and he turned up unannounced at my house the next afternoon. I buzzed him in, but forgot to tell him the dog was unleashed. I opened the front door only to hear him scream as Max my eleven month old german shepherd leaped up at his face!!!!
    His hand was still shaking when he handed over the cash for the images he used, the money was the equivelent of a months salary here in Brasil and even though he kept on appologising I still wanted to give him a clip!! At least I know he wont do it again and if he does I will be taking the dog shopping!!!
    It is very upsetting when some cheeky f***er uses your images without permission but I believe in chasing them for it otherwise they will only do it again!! so get on to him Paul!!
  • hi Paul, the site seems to be working fine, one thing I would maybe change is the format of the gallery, I have the same format on my site (which will be changing very soon) and people dont seem to like scrolling down. the other thing I would change is the size of the title strip with the flash, would make this bigger. other than that everything seems to be working fine Paul!!
  • would have to be;
    starter- oven baken buffalo mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with red pepper pesto
    midcourse- tempura king prawn and smoked salmon cocktail
    mid 2- basil and mint sorbet
    maincourse- roast duck and orange sauce accompanied with spinach in garlic and roast potatoes in rosemary
    dessert- a platter of freshly sliced fruits and a bowl of maltezer ice cream with toffee sauce

    the drinks menu would include, 1 pint of Guinness ice cold,
    1 bottle of new zealand sauvignon blanc, 1 bottle of Brunello di Montalcino or a top notch Malbec, 1 bottle of mineral water, 1 bottle of Highland Park and 1 bottle of Gavioli cru Grappa.
    And to top it all of a nice cuddle with the wife!!
    may aswell go out with a bang!!!
  • I buy Fluir surf magazine, as I want to see how the Graphic designer has messed up my foto this month for Cyclones advert and also to see what type of photographs are selling in the surf world!
  • when I was livin in Newcastle it was mate, mukka or mista
    now here in brasil its cara, bruder or veglio ,but with a lot of the surfers they get so stoned they cant even speak so its a nod or a hand shake!!
  • I would like to wait for the 1d MkIIn or 30d replacements but when will they arrive?? they must be due soon surely and they must be more than 10 meg pixels. This is a big investment and the last thing I or anyone else would want to happen is to go out and buy a 3000 pounds plus camera only to find out a new replacement was due in two months!!!