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Hey their thanks for popping onto my portfolio, please check out my wide arrangement of photos and pick the ones u like and feel that give u many ideas or what u think? and give critique and votes(only if u like it not just because others have voted)

check my website out pleasee
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A quick view of LiamBull's recent activity.

  • Me DontmessLAD

    well im glamour ahaha :L
    • 9 Aug 2012 5:29PM
  • guitar 2

    really good looking Grin, how did u create the effect
    • 9 Jul 2012 12:09AM
  • Baby Jack-White Background

    i selected jack with the magic selection tool then inverted it and filled it in whiteGrin
    • 26 Jun 2012 11:22PM
  • David Levinthal Style

    He Is a Photographer, i found his work in a book during my photography exam. sorry about this, i could not find him on Google Now But at the Moment i cant find him
    • 21 Jun 2012 2:28PM
  • River Avon Type 3

    This Image Is Supposed To Be How It Is With POF.
    • 21 Jun 2012 2:01PM
  • inverted distortion

    Good Distortion! To Make It Better By Removing The Lines At The Bottom Left Apart From That Its Great!
    • 21 Jun 2012 1:44PM
  • Untitled

    Hi Brian, Thanks For The Critique i would of slipped off the wall and properly broken my camera and myself. aha. the wall had lots of sea-weed on Grin even know im a daring person! im jackie chan :L
    • 21 Jun 2012 12:59PM

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