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Hey their thanks for popping onto my portfolio, please check out my wide arrangement of photos and pick the ones u like and feel that give u many ideas or what u think? and give critique and votes(only if u like it not just because others have voted)

check my website out pleasee
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  • 19th April 2012- Sorry all

    Earlyer my i dropped my camera lens from my tripod trying to take it off and now i have to take it to repair as the zoom wont work but the manual focus works :( i will just be uploading my shoots that are on my Laptop

    19 Apr 2012 9:30PM | Read


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  • 19th April 2012

    Hey everyone, i just had a thought but i might go out 2 hours before sunset to do a photoshoot, the weather is looking pretty crap at the moment but im hoping it will turn out nice. o dont forget to vote for my photos

    19 Apr 2012 1:37PM | Read


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