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hey all

Welcome to my PF. I hope you enjoy my photos... criticism is welcome so please anything you feel should be done differently please tell me. thank you to those of you who do comment and vote, it is much appreciated. thanks again and ENJOY!!
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A quick view of lianna's recent activity.

  • Moments frozen in time

    Thank you Lin Smile x x
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:55PM
  • Shades of Spring

    A brilliant shot x x
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:51PM
  • Roche by moonlight

    I love this... it is stunning!! well done x x x
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:50PM
  • deer

    A stunner!! x x
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:47PM
  • Grey Seal

    Absolutely stunning, love the expression and the light it so warming!! fantastic x x
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:44PM
  • Frozen Baltic

    cooorrrr that looks bitterly cold!!!
    • 6 Dec 2012 4:43PM
  • HOTGT's No 5

    WOW i love this!!! Smile
    • 2 Dec 2012 3:34PM
  • WOW Angela,

    just wanted to say what an amazing portfolio you have! these photos are inspirational x x x
  • Nick I love your landscapes... They are stunning! A cracking portfolio you have going on here. One to be proud of to say the least... Keep at it Smile x x
    • Posted on slide71's profile
    • 20 Sep 2011 10:30AM
  • An awesome PF John!! love the springers! they are perfect, adorable Smile

    looking forward to more shots

    x x
  • Hi there!!

    Just wanted to say what an amazing portfolio you have!!! these photos are truly spectacular x x x
    • Posted on BURNBLUE's profile
    • 14 Jul 2011 10:37PM
  • A superb portfolio, great quality and colour. Look forward to more from you x x
  • An absolutely fantastic amazing Pf you have!!! the tower bridge ones i really really like x x
    • Posted on Yogendra's profile
    • 13 Apr 2011 10:15PM
  • A fantastic portfolio!!! Great mix of work x x
  • A cracking portfolio!!! You have a real way with animals Smile these portraits are superb!!! X x
    • Posted on Tom_H's profile
    • 9 Apr 2011 12:17PM
  • An awesome portfolio bruffy!!! Stunning colours and textures Smile x x
  • Hi there!!!

    Just wanted to say what a superb portfolio you have!!! Deserving of far mire comments and votes!!! Keep up the great work Smile x x
    • Posted on jer's profile
    • 31 Mar 2011 7:47AM