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  • Orchid Mantis eating fly by LighthousePhotography

    Yes it ate it all and even caught it by itself as well
    • 19 Jul 2019 8:06AM
  • Small Heath Butterfly by LighthousePhotography

    I now believe this to be a meadow brown
    • 16 Jul 2019 10:46PM
  • A Peruvian Lily (Alstroemria) by LighthousePhotography

    Hi everyone. thank you very much for taking the time and effort to offer critique. All your points are very valid and appreciated.
    this was very much an experiment on my part. its started with my partner looking at a lens baby and noting that you can achieve a similar result with vaseline. So this was ver much done by quickly throwing together some equipment i don't normally use (a 50mm lens with macro adapters) as i have a proper macro lens but didn't want to get vaseline on it.
    i tried a portrait shot but didn't like the amount of vase and backdrop i was getting in the shot.
    i like the square crops but they don't quite achieve what i was looking for with the blurred surround.
    i do really like the offset crop though, thank you for that.
    i did want more depth of field but i was being lazy and shooting in natural light and as i was holding the camera i couldn't get the shutter speed low enough with a reasonable iso without some hand shake.
    I agree the red behind the flower detracts form the image but was trying to get some red in the background - perhaps spreading the other flowers out would have helped.
    overall i am happy with it as a first attempt and will certainly take most of your points into account when trying this next time.
    with regards to post processing - i agree i could achieve part way to what i want but i hate doing to much processing as i am lazy lol.
    • 24 Feb 2019 6:45PM
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