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I enjoy my time with my camera, always on the lookout for something new
to photograph..I love to take images of Wildlife, flowers, people, especially love being at the seaside, and the seasons of many colours.
Venice and Cornwall is what I call a small spell of being in paradise.

Thanks for looking at my Port Folio I hope you find something there to interest you.
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Lillian's Portfolio.




Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2022 12:58PM

Quote:An amazing portfolio of images


Thank you Ron, appreciated
RonDM Plus
8 429 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2022 10:09AM
An amazing portfolio of images

richmowil Plus
14 508 3 England
11 Feb 2021 11:09PM
You have an impressive collection of well detailed and accurately exposed images in you portfolio Lillian. Very nice indeed.
26 Nov 2020 10:10PM
What an impressive portfolio Lillian. Rich
Karuma1970 10 1 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2020 1:38PM
I love your wildlife photos Lillian. Many of the bird photos are very good and you have inspired me to get into Bushy Park or Richmond park next Autumn for the deer.

Robert51 14 12 142 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2020 8:39AM
Just loved looking at your work and have to admire the beauty and the detail of every image. Thank you for allowing us into your world...
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
28 May 2020 5:22PM
I wonder looking at your pf, you have got only 1 EC, and 8 HC, and 111 GE Awards so far, i don't work on the genre in which you work, but as a photographer i can say many of your images are better in quality than the average quality images found in these galleries...What is going onSad...
PCA 3 1 2 France
24 Jan 2020 11:35AM
Just popped by your portfolio Lillian and your images are ... impressive. Some lovely shots here and really hard to pick a favourite.
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2020 6:53PM
David, thank you very much
am pleased that you found something you liked
chataignier Plus
10 251 14 France
14 Jan 2020 6:40PM
Your photo of starlings around Brighton pier caught my eye and led me here - many splendid wildlife shots - congratulations on a fine portfolio.
Regards David
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2019 10:10PM
Wow Dave that certainly is a lovely compliment... thank you so much
also been a pleasure watching your photos appear, and your
vast variety of subjects..
HobbitDave Plus
14 10 10 England
12 Nov 2019 9:22PM
Well well, Lillian, time moves on since the early days of EPZ doesn’t it. Have to agree with several comments here, that you have one of the best wildlife portfolios, with stunning photos. Practice makes perfect, and it has here 🏆. May you continue to upload many more wonderful photos for us to savour and enjoy!! After knowing you for 12 (?) years on this site, all I’ll say is bravo! and keep these beauties coming, please!!
Dave 🌅
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2019 9:34PM
Thank you Steve,
Ball82 4 England
27 Aug 2019 9:09PM
Hi Lillian, You have a truly great portfolio here, Some of your images are the best that I have seen on any portfolio Smile
Keep up the great work Smile

tuja55 14 Hungary
26 Jul 2019 10:10AM
Szép fotók
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2019 5:13PM
Thank you for the kind comments on the port folio
LoryC 7 2 Italy
27 Jun 2019 4:11PM
Outstanding gallery of superb photos you have Lillian, really a pleasure to browse.

cymru2019 4 17 7 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2019 6:52PM
I am not surprised you have loads of favourable comments for your portfolio. All I can say is that I agree with them! David
Lance_B 9 3 Australia
27 May 2019 11:31PM
Stunning photos, Lillian!
targetman 14 2 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2019 12:03PM
Excellent work Lillian.
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2018 9:02AM
thank you kind words
10 Dec 2018 8:47AM
Wonderful portfolio , especially love the photos of the Camargue horses Smile
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2018 9:47PM
Thank you for kind words Graham,
glad that you liked the port folio
18 Sep 2018 7:17PM
Superb portfolio . Cracking shots and im sure we must have been to the same place at the same time ! WinkSmile
kojak 10 14 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2018 7:07PM
Some beautiful photos. Great portfolio
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2018 7:52PM
Thank you Dave
pleased that you like the images
DaveNewbury 5 5 3 England
5 Jan 2018 7:46PM
Hi Lillian, I have looked at a lot of your photos, they are all brilliant, I just hope that I can take just a few as good as these, truly wonderful
My best wishes to you
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2017 9:23PM
Thank you for your kind comments
It is always good to know your work is appreciated
But then again you produce stunning images yourself
Mike_Smith Plus
15 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2017 8:48PM
Your certainly dedicated to wildlife photography Lillian, and your very consistent with nothing but quality pictures. I have just been looking through all your pictures, which was a pleasure. I wish I had half your energy for this game too

Aeros 5 12 1 Canada
20 Oct 2017 4:20AM
Lillian, you're a seriously talented photographer. Brava Maestra!
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2017 3:47PM

Quote:Lilian - Oh to be able to capture Photographs like you. It would be a dream come true. Sincerely yours Eric.

Thank you Eric, It is so good to see you uploading again as well, and hope that you continue to do so
Gypsyman 12 690 England
29 Aug 2017 10:55AM
Lilian - Oh to be able to capture Photographs like you. It would be a dream come true. Sincerely yours Eric.
Mollycat Plus
9 21 2 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2017 10:04PM
Sure nuff. You're pretty good at this photography lark Grin.
13 Mar 2017 11:46PM
Superb collection
radex 6 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2016 10:36AM
Hello Lillian,
thank you for your lovely comments on the photo "eyes".
mikejmb 15 4 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2016 7:51PM
A really stunning portfolio, I love the Little Owl looking out from the wall.

radex 6 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2016 6:58PM
Hello Lillian,thank you very much for your award !!!! You have a wonderful portfolio some breathtaking pictures !!!
pptbudi 7 7 Indonesia
8 Sep 2016 4:42PM
Woooooow, Fantastic gallery
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2016 4:46PM
Hello, Thank you all for the comments
I really appreciate them
silverfoxey 14 17 2 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2016 4:39PM
Love these colourful Bee eaters Lillian, and you have captured these and others really well with all your shots. A big lens does get you really close to nature for sure.
1 Sep 2016 10:21PM
Hi Lillian,
I absolutely love your work, you take photos from different angles and capture them with such sharpness, and character.
I Found you through a chance meeting with the owl shoot, and i think it was the best thing i could have done.It was a pleasure to meet you, and it is a pleasure to be able to be inspired by your photography ,and hopefully go on a few more trips,where i can glean more knowledge,in my new hobby.
28 Aug 2016 10:25AM
Breathtaking images Lillian ! So wonderful to see. Gill
kaz1 12 377 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2016 10:21PM
You have a fabulous portfolio, Lillian. I love the horse shots, (but then I'm biased because they are my first love)...just stunning!
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2016 6:37PM

Quote:The most impressive collection of bird and animal photography Lillian, it is exceptional.

The latest birds from your trip are out of this world.


thank you so much Patty
really appreciate those words
pentaxpatty 10 30 2 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2016 5:54PM
The most impressive collection of bird and animal photography Lillian, it is exceptional.

The latest birds from your trip are out of this world.

Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2016 11:20AM
Thank you fotobee.... Martin
fotobee Plus
9 4 3 South Africa
15 Jun 2016 10:04AM
Beautiful portfolio indeed, Lillian. An inspiration to all ! Regards Martin
ZoeKemp 10 31 England
8 May 2016 11:12AM
Beautifully captured nature shots. I look forward to seeing more GrinGrin
xwang 14 56 8
10 Feb 2016 6:49PM
A wild life photographers' heaven, great skills, Lillian. Keep up your wonderful work...
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2015 10:08PM
Eileen, thank you for your compliment
26 Jul 2015 10:01PM
You have such a wonderful portfolio Lillian, a joy to browse, Eileen
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
9 Jul 2015 7:32AM
Thank you for your kind remarks
You have a fantastic portfolio. Lillian. So many wonderful photos to look through. Thanks for sharing them, GrinGrin

pamzan 15 United Kingdom
31 May 2015 9:40PM
Wonderful portfolio just love your Kingfishers..
6 May 2015 9:48AM
What a beautiful pictured you have in your collection Lillian
16 Mar 2015 5:20PM
Could I as where you take your photos of the Kingfishers - they seem very close - I have been to Rye Mead a few times there were two pairs there But have not succeeded to get really good photos
16 Mar 2015 1:17PM
Your photos of the Kingfishers are really good
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2015 5:11PM
Thank you for your kind comments
jocas 8 6 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2015 4:36PM
Absolutely beautiful portfolio, I can't imagine how you find and capture so many wonderful subjects.
22 Oct 2014 2:41PM
Super portfolio!
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2014 5:18PM
richmowil Plus
14 508 3 England
4 Apr 2014 8:57AM
A very varied and interesting portfolio Lillian - images all of the highest quality. Keep them coming!!
philgood 11 7 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2014 9:47AM
Really enjoyed looking through your PF, great images Smile
AnneB50 10 118 18 Scotland
9 Mar 2014 8:25AM
What a lovely portfolio Lillian, so varied and technically brilliant.

Bantu 9 7 1 India
1 Mar 2014 5:56AM
Lovely portfolio.
fotobee Plus
9 4 3 South Africa
12 Dec 2013 5:33PM
Superb portfolio, Lillian, well taken!
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2013 2:48PM
Thank you so much for your comments on the port folio
RobMacormac 18 7 2 England
28 Nov 2013 2:34PM
Great Portfolio.
ukgubbi 11 5 India
26 Nov 2013 2:49PM
Thanks Lilian for your input on my latest image. You have a very impressive collection of images here, it is a delight to go through them. Good luck shooting.
tashi 12 2
24 Oct 2013 9:29AM
Lillian, your PF is truly awesome. So much variety and beauty... absolutely wonderful.
.... raniSmile
ColleenA Plus
10 508 11 Australia
11 Aug 2013 12:22PM
You have one of the best portfolio's on epz...excellent photography Lillian and so glad I met youGrinGrin
19 Apr 2013 10:34AM
Lovely horses shown well. Good work.
HELANA 13 United Kingdom
16 Apr 2013 10:25PM
Great PF Lillian, the horses images are brilliant. Very well capture.
Tobytoes 10 3 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2013 7:37AM
Absolutely beautiful pictures, well done
milky 19 5 Wales
6 Mar 2013 2:28AM
Such a amazing portfolio of so many images Lillian One word STUNNING-----GaryWink
TONKSPHOTO 12 2 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2013 5:26PM
Brilliant photography Lillian Wink
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2013 1:11PM
Thank you Kathryn
very much appreciated
kathrynlouise 11 423 1 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2013 1:00PM
Your portfolio is stunning Lillian. I'm in awe of the big cat shots, absolutely amazing GrinGrin
kazza12 10 2 United Kingdom
30 Nov 2012 7:29PM
a stunning pf loved looking through your pictures SmileSmileSmile
strokebloke 14 493 17 England
25 Oct 2012 10:29PM
Lillian. You are one very special photographer. I envy you your portfolio. It represents the quality that you (& Lynne) obviously always aspire to.
Thank you, sincerely, for your continued encouragement. I appreciate your support immensely.

Kind regards,
Gypsyman 12 690 England
13 Oct 2012 6:13PM
A Pf that I would love to be able to call my own,
to quote Tina Turner ' Simply the Best' Eric.
Zilba 13 5 South Africa
4 Oct 2012 12:09PM
A superb portfolio of top drawer images Lillian. A please to peruse.
TONKSPHOTO 12 2 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2012 9:44PM
Inspiring P/F...Brilliant photography Lillian.....Regards John
BillyGoatGruff 16 191 199 England
12 Sep 2012 7:46PM
Lillian your PF speaks for itself, talented and very professional it's a real pleasure to view outstanding captures....John
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2012 11:14AM
Thank you Pam for taking an interest...I only
upload photos that appeal and that I enjoy
so thank you
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2012 11:03AM
Your PF, especially your cats are just wonderful Lillian.

Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2012 10:07PM
Thank You Sue,
appreciated from someone as good as yourself
Suehh 16 39 6 England
8 Aug 2012 9:48PM
Your wildlife images are second to none - pure talent through and through just shines from your wonderful photography
ValSaxby 17 146 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 12:57PM
Super portfolio Lilliain lots of stunning wildlife images. Val
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2012 10:12PM
Thank You so much for the comments on my Port Folio
much appreciated
Gypsyman 12 690 England
24 Jul 2012 9:34PM
A top notch PF, worth being made into a Book. Eric.
Snapitt 14
28 Jun 2012 10:55PM
I have just looked through your portfolio Lilian and your images are fantastic. 1st class photography. You have a portfolio to be really proud of.

vickyf 17 8 8 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2012 4:58PM
A diverse and beautifully executed portfolio with lovely images.
bobsblues 13 10 2 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2012 7:25AM
Excellent portfolio Lillian an inspiration to anyone, really enjoyed looking through it ,( and yes venice is something special haven't been to cornwall yet though .)
lil48 Plus
13 41
15 Mar 2012 5:08PM
Fantastic, multi image portfolio. Nicely done every image a quality image. really enjoyed droppimg in.
Cor 14 Belgium
12 Mar 2012 10:21AM
Superb images. So well spotted and taken. 10+++++
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2012 3:27PM
stunning pictures well taken
Peterpools 11 2 2 United States
18 Jan 2012 10:47PM
Thoroughly;y enjoyed my visit to your wonderful portfolio. Outstanding and marvelous work
annettep38 11 221 43 Luxembourg
10 Jan 2012 12:26AM
Wonderful variety of wildlife shots! Hope to see more soon!
bagman 12 65 United States
15 Dec 2011 4:31PM
Such an hugh wonderful beautiful exciting enjoyable viewing p/f you have hear .
exceptional qualitiy endeavor that you can be so proud of.
best wish,s . frank.
milky 19 5 Wales
8 Dec 2011 12:10AM
Excellent Work have a merry christmas from Miley
P181 17 5 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2011 7:03PM

Really enjoyed your pf, wonderful photos, I think I now want to try more macro, love the frogs.

tomcat 17 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2011 9:16PM
How strange, that I have not taken more interest in your uploadsSmile

I guess that is life on EPZWink

A top notch PF Lillian

You have a very inspiring PF, I look forward to seeing more of your photos.
LourensdB 18 2 South Africa
28 Oct 2011 2:10PM
Really a brilliant portfolio Lillian. See you love your "wildlife" portraits and close-ups. Very well done!
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2011 9:19PM
Thank You all for the great comments and will try my best to keep on improving
Gypsyman 12 690 England
21 Sep 2011 10:41PM
Lillian, your Pf., gets better and better, Eric.
ianrobinson 13 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2011 8:42AM
Your portfolio is absolutely fantastic Lillian.
Top class Photography in my opinion look forward to seeing more.

11 Sep 2011 4:22PM
Lovely portfolio Lillian difficult to choose a favourite
Gypsyman 12 690 England
28 Jun 2011 8:20PM
Lillian, I echo all the Comments above, hopefully one day I shall get to take Photographs like yours. Eric.
9 Jun 2011 6:31PM
love your portfolio I have added you to my fav so I can keep an eye on what you are upto
vickyf 17 8 8 United Kingdom
24 May 2011 9:02PM
Lovely portfolio.
bricurtis Plus
17 2.8k 53 England
8 May 2011 8:38PM
This is a real quality capture Lillian - you should be well pleased with this. Lovely image.
74tash 14 Australia
28 Mar 2011 9:51PM
Top work! Difficult to choose a favourite, impressive and very good work!
Cheers!!! Smile
jackitec 14 16 Spain
28 Mar 2011 4:00PM
You have a stunning portfolio, keep up the good work,

stokesy 12 8 Scotland
13 Feb 2011 6:56PM
Hi, your great tit and gold finch Id gladly take well done, I notice you have asigma 150-500mm. any comments on it as Im looking at upgrading also do you use a monopod?, Ive been setting up props and bringing the birds to me so I can shoot them from my patio through my pampas grass planters cum hide!, your gallery is lovely, ronnie
Ray42 15 3 England
10 Feb 2011 7:15AM
Like me - varied work with a bias towards wild life - some impressive and very good work - enjoyed it very much - have to meet up again sometime
7 Jan 2011 11:59AM
Hi Lillian,
Thank you for your comment on my portfolio, just started out but work is not allowing me much time to add new photos at the mo! Love your photos tho!
5 Jan 2011 6:28PM
You have some stunning work here... Very impressive. Keep up the good work!!
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2011 7:52PM
GREAT pictures well done
FredF 16 1 France
6 Dec 2010 10:12AM
I enjoy looking your wildlife portfolio, Superb.

jayatu 12 India
21 Nov 2010 12:54PM
great capturs
Trout_Man 14 1 30 Wales
17 Nov 2010 9:54PM
What a stunning portfolio, the wild life ones are beautiful, a pleasure to look through Smile Geoff.
DanielD 13 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 11:04PM
Wonderful crop - I can't belive is real - amazing sharp details

phil99 16 45 6 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2010 10:37AM
A really varied mix in your portfolio . Some outstanding wild life shots all which have been a real pleasure to look through . Keep up these high standards . Very well done ....Phil
Paul_cats 17 61 22 Scotland
28 Oct 2010 7:45PM
A beautiful and varied pf. Love the wildlife shots and of course the cats. Smile
JackieB 12 18 3 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2010 1:51PM
Great PF Lilliian, especially the wildlife images. Well Done

Great gallery! greetings
mikbee 16 3 8 Scotland
7 Jul 2010 4:40PM
You obviously have strong animal instincts Lillian with your selection in your PF.And a bit of fun with some of your narratives too.You will know I like that !!
Debs_Rocker 14 303 2 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2010 12:28AM
Lillian you have a fabulous portfolio, loved the body parts set - cryed laughing :O)
brownbear 13 2 England
4 Jul 2010 2:22PM
Sorry added comment, to gallery instead of latest pic 'The sad look'
Need to get my brain into gear I think!
brownbear 13 2 England
4 Jul 2010 2:17PM
Lovely shots, do like V1, that wistfull appealing look probarbly translates as 'look at all that food on the other side of the fence, and I can't get at it!' Dof is just right, dead sharp where you want it to be.
DanielD 13 1 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 8:23PM
Very cute, Lillian - great details

fraser 19 631 14 Scotland
9 Apr 2010 11:07AM
Great pf Lillian. You have an eye for the fun side of life in your timing. And thanks for your help with my pf, I'm very grateful.
26 Mar 2010 7:54AM
great collection Lillian - what a treat
25 Mar 2010 11:06PM
just had a good look at your pf very impressed with your shots shame on me for missing some of them jj
24 Mar 2010 4:06PM
Hi american duck was yaken at Arundel gray,
nishad1994 13 264 Oman
14 Mar 2010 4:10AM

Quote:Lillian you have a very impressive and inspiring collection here. My eyes popped out of my head when I first opened up the page. I can only dream of shots like this.....

I couldnt put it better myself ... Smile
You have got a great PF .... Smile

Phil1958 14 272 4 Wales
2 Mar 2010 1:00PM
Don't know how I've missed your pf - some cracking images here,

SugarMouse 13 1 England
22 Feb 2010 10:18PM
What a wonderful collection of photo's Lillian, you have done yourself proud.
Barb x
Canadiann 13 2 Canada
20 Feb 2010 5:37PM
Lillian you have a very impressive and inspiring collection here. My eyes popped out of my head when I first opened up the page. I can only dream of shots like this. My camera is so cheap and my skills so poor. I think that is why I like photoshop it helps me get away from the fact I can't take good pictures but try to make something out of them in photoshop. I enjoy making cards. Your work is excellent and I envy your shots. Well done and please keep them coming.
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2010 5:09PM
stunning pictures well taken well worked

GedK 15 3 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2010 8:23AM
Lillian, I've uploaded the original of the camper van,
thanks for your comments...
jonrayner 15 8 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2010 10:07PM
Fantastic portfolio. Thanks for your comments on my Cheetah shot, coming from someone with this portfolio, it is a compliment indeed. You have captured some amazing shots here, especially those lions shots - magical!
taf1 13 England
29 Jan 2010 9:16PM
Lillian,thanks for the comment on my Bald Eagle as a beginner it means alot. Just had a look at your PF its great can,t wait to find a few lions.
Hergestridge 18 18 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2010 8:12PM
Superb portfolio Lillian keep up the good work
lianna 13 13 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2009 8:33AM
hi Lillian,
Thank you for your comment, very lovely of you. i love your portfolio, the bluetits are fantastic, beautiful birds. and jealous of your swan, i got the tail end of the one I saw haha.

really great portfolio. look forward to seeing more super photographs. Thank you for sharing with us all. x x x
telstar500 14 5 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2009 9:16PM
Lillian, we're going to have to start calling you 'The Lion King', you certainly excel at taking them. Some great shots here. Your swan isn't bad either. In fact, they're all very good.

hary60 14 2 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2009 11:05PM
What a very good port folio I love the big cats
Dusan 14 Sri Lanka
22 Aug 2009 8:14AM
Lillian! The most important thing about taking pictures is that you enjoy them.The Images in your Gallery are excellent and you should be very proud of yourself Well done and never stop clicking
THUNDYBUM 14 29 England
14 Aug 2009 6:02PM
well ive just looked at your portfolio and i love your now you have three comments on your work.dont take it to heart i have only 1
so if you like your work be proud its very good
Trout_Man 14 1 30 Wales
6 Aug 2009 10:17PM
Hello there Lillian, thanks for the vote and comments, these images are not bad at fact I think you have a very nice and well presented Portfolio with some super images.. "Contemplating" made me smile, keep the good work up Smile

Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2009 2:44PM
Portfolio says for last 5 opps! not had any!??
Am I that bad?
can you make a cooment?

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