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Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by and looking. I am still learning and very much at the stage where I look like a rabbit caught in the headlights when people get technical on me! Much to learn I know. All comments are appreciated and welcome!
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I believe that photography says so much about a person and is very much a creative force. What they are shooting, when, where and the compositions all give a little bit away about that person's personality, beliefs and character. I like to think that my photographs may say something about me.

I also believe photograpy to be very subjective. Yes, there are the technical aspects and 'rules' but I tend to think rules are meant to be broken. I find myself coming from the angle of photography as an expression of creativity and the self. I love spotting photographs that capture this.

I am evolving, learning and developing all the time. I am new to photography but have discovered, quite by accident, I enjoy monochrome. A lot of my photographs lend themselves to B&W and I feel it hides a multitude of sins.

I also love to combine photography with my love of nature. Often trees. I find that these seem to dominate my photographs and people MUST tire of seeing these and think 'Oh, another tree...' But, for some reason, I just love 'em. Must be the inner Pagan in me.


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