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Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by and looking. I am still learning and very much at the stage where I look like a rabbit caught in the headlights when people get technical on me! Much to learn I know. All comments are appreciated and welcome!
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A quick view of LilyWren's recent activity.

  • Far from perfect by Ananda

    Me too! Really creative!
    • 8 Sep 2010 5:54AM
  • ROBIN by Mike_Smith

    What a handsome chap! Great shot, I do think Robins look for the camera sometimes! Maybe hoping to get on the next Christmas card!!

    • 8 Sep 2010 5:53AM
  • ****** by Suehh

    Don't apologise!! It is a wonderful shot, it looks extremly ethereal and otherworldy. Beautiful colours too!

    • 8 Sep 2010 5:51AM
  • It wasn't me...honest! by BarbaraB

    Love it!! Wonderful character shot with a perfect title - made me smile this morning Grin
    • 8 Sep 2010 5:49AM
  • Gannet in flight by MikeH

    Amazing shot, yep I agree with Phil about the lighthouse. I feel it needs to be here. It certainly does give a sense of location and atmosphere!

    It also gives the viewer an impression of being high up with the bird.

    • 8 Sep 2010 5:48AM
  • heron by wisp

    Beautiful shot with a wonderful DOF and lighting.
    • 8 Sep 2010 5:46AM
  • Sailing by manicam

    I love shots like this, quite minimal with the figure off centre and a lot of open space. I find myself (without realising half the time) finishing up with shots of this nature.

    Lovely composition!
    • 8 Sep 2010 5:44AM
  • Howdo!

    Thanks Pete... I have had a look at Gimp and it looks like it will be worth a download! :)
    by LilyWren | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 5
  • Day 05 August 2010: Macro photography

    I forgot I had this one - not really good enough to upload via my portfolio but an entertaining voyeuristic opportunity on the back steps of the office..... [photo]
    by NikitaMorris | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 24
  • Black & White Links

    I started a topic on this link, but thought it might be worth adding here too. There is some interesting work in the past winners' galleries, but a lot of it seemed pr...
    by User_Removed | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 7
  • theme of the month

    Well, no problem, it's up to you but I wouldn't dare to criticise your images, Albert : they're excellent !
    by pascalg | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 17
  • UK Snow watch....

    Up here in Braemar, Aberdeenshire it snowed last night and has forgot to stop. At present we have 18" and still snowing. Local shops are running out of milk and no bread ...
    by geoffash26 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 835
  • Howdo!

    Thanks Pete... I have had a look at Gimp and it looks like it will be worth a download! :)
    by LilyWren | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 5

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  • Posted on Suehh's profile

    Sue, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my photo's and PF.

    I have just looked through your PF and find it a huge compliment!!! There are some wonderful photographic works of art here and you have a great talent!

    • 4 Jun 2010 6:21AM
  • Posted on Greyheron's profile

    A Beautiful portfolio Mike. Yes, stunning work indeed...I feel like I have walked into an enchanted wood!
    • 24 Apr 2010 12:15PM
  • Posted on Paree's profile

    Amazing portfolio you have here! Very unique work and a glimpse into the fantasy world of photography!
    • 28 Feb 2010 5:40AM
  • Posted on Eviscera's profile

    Amazing portfolio!

    • 12 Feb 2010 6:44AM
  • Posted on Dave_Henderson's profile

    Wow. What a beautiful portfolio Dave!

    • 4 Feb 2010 8:48AM
  • Posted on jools59's profile

    Hi Jools! Looks like you have a new cool PF pic!! Great new photo fo you too Smile
    • 26 Jan 2010 8:54PM
  • Posted on Diana's profile

    Lovely porfolio Diana, there are some really beautiful portraits here

    • 18 Jan 2010 9:10AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    What a wonderful portfolio. Your work is so unique and creative. Very inspirational!

    Melanie Smile
    • 10 Jan 2010 1:50PM
  • Posted on Steve-T's profile

    Wow. Fantastic portfolio - I am spoilt for choice here! Visually stunning.
    • 10 Jan 2010 6:41AM
  • Posted on jools59's profile

    What a beautiful portfolio you have! Some wonderful use of light and creativity!
    • 10 Jan 2010 6:40AM
  • Posted on Scaramanga's profile

    Your work is amazing Andrew. I love the technique and distinctive style.

    • 9 Jan 2010 1:54PM
  • Posted on TyChee's profile

    Beautiful portfolio Ty.
    Many thanks for visiting mine!

    • 9 Jan 2010 1:33PM
  • Posted on taggart's profile

    Beautiful portfolio!
    • 31 Dec 2009 6:40PM
  • Posted on Trout_Man's profile

    Thanks for the comment Geoff! Nice to receive one on my portfolio, especially from someone who is producing such grand work as yourself!

    All the best for 2010!
    • 31 Dec 2009 1:49PM
  • Posted on nanpantanman's profile

    Such a beautiful portfolio. So many eye catching photographs.
    • 30 Dec 2009 2:17PM
  • Posted on JanieB43's profile

    Beautiful gallery Janie Smile
    • 30 Dec 2009 7:08AM
  • Posted on Imagephotographics's profile

    You have such an amazing gallery here. I have just set up a profile on this website. I echo what 41sphotos said, having you comment on my shot is very valued!

    Happy New Year Smile
    • 27 Dec 2009 6:10PM

Limited to latest 30 results.