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LilyWren's Blog


Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by and looking. I am still learning and very much at the stage where I look like a rabbit caught in the headlights when people get technical on me! Much to learn I know. All comments are appreciated and welcome!
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  • A Good Ole Rant about..Litter...

    I have to get this off my (rather ample I have to say..) chest! I may sound like a grumpy old woman but, so be it. No-one may be reading but, again, so be it. I just have to rant at something, someone..anywhere!! I shall try and not swear, I prom...0


    25 Jul 2010 7:22AM  |  Read


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  • Psychedelic Renegades....

    Psychedelic Renegades: With Photographs of Syd Barrett by Mick RockPlexus Publishing LtdDate: Oct 2007ISBN: 0859654176 A beautiful book and a must have for Syd Barrett fans and those interested in photography alike, fortunately of which I am b...0


    19 Jun 2010 9:37AM  |  Read


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  • Gregory Crewdson: Twilight

    Plate 19 I stumbled upon Crewdson just by chance, in fact it was probably looking for photography books on Amazon! The images I saw just drew me in and I just had to get one of his books to see more. Crewdson may not be viewed as a photograph...0


    3 Apr 2010 7:36AM  |  Read


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  • Why Photography?

    Such a question I ask myself, now and again, as I look at the countless number of photographs I have on computer. I had to transfer many to disc the other day as I think my computer was complaining about the number! Over 3,000 went on disc to be ...0


    1 Mar 2010 8:47AM  |  Read


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  • Ramblings of a newly devoted photo addict...

    My foray into the world of photoblography (can this be a new word?) starts with my bewilderment of this pointy, clicking thing and an addiction that has ensued. During the extremely winter weather period, I found myself in the local park, knee-de...0


    4 Feb 2010 10:58AM  |  Read


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