Getting The Bird: How To Photograph Birds With Long Telephoto Lenses



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  • end of innocence by knackeredoldman

    Fan bloody tastic.
    • 21 May 2010 8:51PM
  • Yellow storm by robarmstrong

    Beauty and the beast, great shot.
    • 15 May 2010 9:25PM
  • img_7231*# by lawbert

    Dont be ashamed of what you have achieved,both images are crysal clear where they need to be and the editing is very nice, after all isnt thats what digital photography is all about some might say, LIMA24.
    • 31 Mar 2010 2:17PM
  • Upper GlenSheil by billmag

    Just brilliant,love the colours,really crisp.
    • 23 Dec 2009 9:53AM
  • BMX Race by minitrialer

    Great shot should have more votes than its got, nice work LIMA24.
    • 16 Jun 2009 8:40AM
  • ... by hasky

    Great portrait,beautiful model LIMA24.
    • 30 May 2009 3:21PM
  • Extra special by CanonMan

    Four great shots, of to the southend on sea airshow tommorow hope i get some shots like this, nice work LIMA24.
    • 23 May 2009 9:07AM
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  • Posted on wamp's profile

    Brilliant portfolio,my favorite is on reflection, but they are all great. THANKS FOR SHARING .
    • 23 Feb 2009 1:24PM

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