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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • end of innocence by knackeredoldman

    Fan bloody tastic.
    • 21 May 2010 8:51PM
  • Yellow storm by robarmstrong

    Beauty and the beast, great shot.
    • 15 May 2010 9:25PM
  • img_7231*# by lawbert

    Dont be ashamed of what you have achieved,both images are crysal clear where they need to be and the editing is very nice, after all isnt thats what digital photography is all about some might say, LIMA24.
    • 31 Mar 2010 2:17PM
  • Upper GlenSheil by billmag

    Just brilliant,love the colours,really crisp.
    • 23 Dec 2009 9:53AM
  • BMX Race by minitrialer

    Great shot should have more votes than its got, nice work LIMA24.
    • 16 Jun 2009 8:40AM
  • ... by hasky

    Great portrait,beautiful model LIMA24.
    • 30 May 2009 3:21PM
  • Extra special by CanonMan

    Four great shots, of to the southend on sea airshow tommorow hope i get some shots like this, nice work LIMA24.
    • 23 May 2009 9:07AM
  • Let's Take A Short Walk... by JanieB43

    Straight or knot it gets my vote, superb shot .LIMA24.
    • 23 May 2009 9:00AM
  • Punk Messiah III by DannyLenihan

    Awesome lighting great shot,LIMA24.
    • 21 May 2009 11:21AM
  • Surfing Duet by johnty

    Awesome shot, LIMA24.
    • 17 May 2009 3:33PM
  • MALDON by gary_carter

    Great shot gary, love the sky and the reflections and the boat in the forground just makes it.Are the swans still on there nest i was over there two weeks ago and they where sitting on five eggs.Nice work LIMA24.
    • 16 May 2009 7:34AM
  • Graffiti alternative by grahamab

    Great image ,love the colour pop on the dress, super backdrop,only one niggle, a minor one,the shoe i feel needs popping aswell if its the same colour as the dressMARK24.
    • 10 May 2009 9:58AM
  • going nowhere fast by stevebostock

    Super shot,love the square crop,MARK24.
    • 9 May 2009 10:24AM
  • Brush Seller by Ruthannette

    • 8 May 2009 8:25AM
  • Real Women by LinsTheStar

    All women are beautiful,nice work,MARK24
    • 7 May 2009 12:13PM

    Thanks for the comments guys,and yes adam the twaddle does make sence,i will look for a clearer moon,thanks again MARK24.
    • 5 May 2009 5:29PM
  • Anglesey Abbey colour. by rontear

    Quote:Nice change from bluebells, this is a really nice image
    • 5 May 2009 8:16AM
  • Dulas Bay by Alfoto

    Amazing colours,great light and i love the smoke coming out of the chimney,a great shot.MARK24.
    • 2 May 2009 9:10AM

    Photo journalism at its best,great shot,MARK24
    • 1 May 2009 7:30PM
  • Bluebell Wood by MarkT

    Colours,light,D.O.F,all spot on,one of the better bluebell shots on the site at the moment.MARK24.
    • 1 May 2009 2:39PM
  • Madame Bink and IvoryFlame by Dave_Collier

    Great image,great pose, and i love the way there hips follow the same line, only one niggle ivorys hands could be a bit lower ,MARK24
    • 1 May 2009 1:15PM
  • Cameron by troberts

    Handsome little fella,love the eyes,great shot,MARK24.
    • 30 Apr 2009 3:58PM
  • Midnight by Hugeknot

    Great shot, love that little bit of warm light on the horizon, it just gives it that little boost,nice work,MARK24.
    • 30 Apr 2009 3:56PM
  • stike a pose vouge by THUNDYBUM

    Quote:A very nice shot - nice to see a "proper film image"
    Looks like an old sixties or seventies glamour shot ,nice work.MARK24.
    • 29 Apr 2009 3:15PM
  • Lips by rochford

    Great shot ,sexy freckles great comp.MARK24.
    • 29 Apr 2009 3:09PM
  • dreamstate by rvinlanm

    Nice colours and light ,how on earth did you get down there,MARK24.
    • 24 Apr 2009 7:42AM
  • Chic Boutique by JennB

    • 23 Apr 2009 5:51PM
  • One for the boys by 8Mfps

    Great shot of this iconic car,only one problem where is daisy duke with those shorts.MARK24.
    • 23 Apr 2009 4:15PM
  • Dinner is served by anoutsos

    Love this shot, i am a bit of a wedding photographer and im waiting for a table like this to do just the same kind of shot ,great DOF well lit and the light on the tops of the chairs is great .MARK24.
    • 23 Apr 2009 4:11PM
  • Speeding Car by Alexiii

    Ten years ago a would have said it was crap, but being the digital age it might be classed as art.MARK24.
    • 23 Apr 2009 4:05PM