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  • Hi

    Rightly or wrongly, I have developed a workflow in Final Cut Pro X where I create a new 'library' for a new film project or idea where I will import footage into events and create projects etc. I have found that by doing this I am then able to move this library off the machine to an external drive when I am not using it and working on a different film and therefore not quickly use up disk space.

    Can I do this in Photos? The one library is getting quite big and has a number of albums in it and I would like to be able to stick some into some form of 'storage' whilst they aren't as vital.

    If there is a better piece of software that I can use to do this task I am happy to be flexible about that, however I know work will not pay for one!

    Thanks in advance

  • Just wondering if anyone can advise whether tablets - either android or ipad can be used to create decent powerpoint presentations on them or whether they are only suitable for viewing created ones?

    Am flirting with the idea of a tablet or a netbook - I want something that has some battery life (my laptop needs to be plugged in to work now!) is small and light (not like the laptop I have) can be used for email, internet, photos etc but I can use for work related stuff involving basic word processing and simple spreadsheets (shouldn't be a problem for any device), and creating and showing powerpoint presentations whilst out and about.

    I am reasonably sure that the first parts of my wishlist are straight forward for pretty much and device, I just don't know if a tablet will do the last part or whether I should lean towards something like a netbook? Also can tablets be linked to a projector via any combination of cabling?
  • The mountain rescue team I am part of is looking to set up a picture library to catalogue the images of the team over the last 50 years and into the future.

    We are considering web based storage so that they can be viewed and downloaded by different team members for use - ie team presentations etc - and as an archive.

    This will obviously require a massive amount of tagging and coordinating by the couple of lucky volunteers who have set themselves up for the job.

    My question is which web based system might be most appropriate for the task? The team is currently considering a pro flikr account, is this the right option?

    If you require further information to be able to provide suitable advice please ask.


  • This weekend is the Preston Guild Torchlight procession. My work has a float in the procession and we would obviously like to get some decent pictures of our section of the procession. Please can anyone provide a little advice on settings for the camera?

    We will have a lorry which will be lit through rope lights, fairy lights and some glowing lanterns. Following the lorry there will be a number of people with glowing lanterns and most people will have glow stick type bracelets etc. The procession starts at 8pm so it will be beginning to get dark, but I presume there will also be street lights on along the streets.

    It is possible that a number of different people might be taking pictures at different points - as we leave and rejoin the procession, but we want to make sure that we get at least one half decent shot so some advice about what sort of combination of settings to use on the slr (canon 1000d) would be appreciated. During the procession we will obviously have some time to play about with settings to try and get the right shot, but would like to at least start somewhere near as its a once in 20 years event!! The procession is meant to be constantly moving so am thinking that a long exposures is not going to work, plus issues with camera shake if there isn't the room to put up a tripod with lots of spectators around.

    Any helpful thoughts welcome!!


  • Thank you all for your comments and assistance, now just need the time to sit at the pc and see if I can make a picture look half decent.

  • Hi,

    From the outset I am aware what my mistake was and I know not to make a similar one in the future.

    Earlier this year I bought some cheap ND filters so that I could experiment with them and try out some new techniques. One of the the things I have discovered is that as they are cheap they can tinge the picture that I have taken with a red / blue / purple colour.

    My question is how should I adjust this so the colour is back to normal. I presume that there may be a way of comparing colour in a test image taken without the filters on and with the image taken using the filters so that the one can be matched to the other? Please can someone guide me through the process I should use, or point me in the right direction?

    I have Photoshop CS2, Lightroom 3.5.

    Many thanks for your assistance,


    PS I know I shouldn't have bought cheap filters and should have saved up for decent ones but I wanted to experiment!
  • Looking around I can see -

    graphics tablet,
    a variety of leads for ipods, cameras, etc
    my ipaq,
    some juggling balls,
    a mini tripod,
    camera charger (not for the camera that is on the desk!)
    stapler and assorted pens scissors etc
    some usb sticks
    a variety of 'Joe Bender' magnetic bendable people
    hanging above my desk is an RAF Mountian Rescue action man figure and stretcher
    scraps of paper
    acoustic guitar that I can't yet play which currently only has 5 strings
    clothes peg
    dead light tube for my fish tank
    dead leaf
    broken handle for an umbrella
    sunglasses case that is on its way to rejoin the sunglasses when I remember where I put them

    so the usual kind of things and a few odd bits that I ought to do something about, like bin the dead light tube and the umbrella handle, but you never know they may come in handy!

  • Thank you to you all for your assistance. Didn't know portable apps existed so that should help lots.


  • Work has some computers set up to return to a set state each time they are restarted and this removes any additional programs or settings that have been made whilst the computer is on.

    I want to be able to use a program such as GIMP or photoshop to manipulate some pictures which will be stored on an external drive.

    Is it possible to have the program on the external drive as well and run it from there so it doesn't actually go on to the computer?

    If it is possible can anyone provide idiot proof steps please?

    I know an alternative would be to use Sumopaint, but have found this to be incredibly slow - that might be the way I am trying to use it, the internet connection, what I am trying to do, the computer or perhaps the program (haven't tried it elsewhere so don't know).

    Any help gratefully received,

  • When a bird of prey landed a few feet away from me on the hedge and my camera was on a black and white setting from taking arty pics of some buildings. I took the shot but all I got was different shades of grey and no definition. Might not have been the best one I have missed but the main one that sticks in memory and "if I could turn back time ...."!!
  • I recently contacted local Jessops store to see if they could do a quote for some camera equipment that I wanted for a project I am about to be running with some young people. They suggested I contact the head office by phone.

    When I got through to a person, I was asked to send the request by email. A week later I still had not heard from her so I rang her up again. I was helpfully told that I would receive the quote by the end of the day. Nearly another week later I am still waiting.

    I wonder whether this might have something to do with the recent situation the company has been in, or if they just simply can't be bothered to do a little bit of work to get the business that might have been brought in. Either way it is likely a different shop that will benefit now.