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Hello, and welcome to my little corner
of this great site, where any critique, tricks and tips you are
able to give, are both welcome and appreciated Wink
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A quick view of limmy62's recent activity.

  • Different Types

    Very pleased to make this 30 for you WinkWink
    • 20 Jun 2016 5:57PM
  • Jubilee Class No 45690 'Leander'

    I would like to express a word of thanks to all who have contributed their support,
    and for the awards which I have received.

    Be assured that your support is really appreciated

    Roger WinkWink
    • 6 Jun 2016 12:17PM
  • Merry Christmas

    A Very Merry Christmas to you Johanna, and best wishes for 2016
    • 25 Dec 2015 8:56AM
  • Adieu

    Nicely taken Johanna and good DOF
    Best regards
    • 27 May 2015 9:56AM
  • 'The Shire on the NVR (Nene Valley Railway)

    Just a word of thanks for your appraisals,
    which are greatly appreciated.

    Rog Wink
    • 24 Feb 2015 9:49AM
  • Short eared owl

    Very glad to be number 30 on this.
    Great composition.

    Rog' Wink
    • 16 Jan 2015 1:22AM
  • I say a little prayer for you........

    Just had a look through your portfolio and have found your
    portraits, particularly the nepalese really quite excellent.
    I relate to the Sukhothai images, having visited there myself,
    however you were significantly more fortunate than I, with
    the quality of light which you enjoyed.
    Excellent work.....Well done! Wink

    • 14 Jan 2015 9:04AM
  • Just been mooching around your p/f and have to say that there are some really nice things going down here!!
    The Butterflies are great, but the Abbey is just sublime!!!
    Keep up the god work!!!

  • Hi Martin....Just been 'pottering' through your p/f viewing your images, many of which are stunning, and they certainly have achieved what they set out to do,,portray the Peak District
    at its best,
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Just been iewing your p/f Clint which I have found to be
    truely outstanding.
    As there are far too many to click and comment on, I hope that this will suffice.
    The images that have been PS created are truely superb.
    Keep up the great work

  • Hi Stephen
    Just spent a while wandering through your p/f and
    thoroughly enjoyed wading through your images, particularly
    the landscapes.
    The colour and tone that these behold are something quite
    special, and seem as though they render themselves as your
    sought of 'trademark'
    Surely the light can't be that kind to you all of the time??
    Wonderful, and I shall be back....

    • Posted on Tooth's profile
    • 13 May 2007 1:29AM
  • John:

    A terrific shot, with beautiful colour and very crisp looking.
    What I think is particularly attractive about it is the way
    that you have gone right into it, and the 'eye level'
    view affords it great impact.

    • Posted on JohnEW's profile
    • 10 May 2007 10:08AM
  • Hi Dan
    Just been looking at your stunning work, and am extremely
    impressed with the overall quality, which in my view is
    further enhanced by the common theme that embodies it.
    Jersey & Guernsey are a part of the world that has so far
    eluded me, but your images may be the 'straw that breaks the camels back'
    Keep up the excellent work.
  • Ali,
    Have spent quite a while viewing your p/f and my only retort is that it represents a very good reason for EPZ to introduce a
    'click all' button
    Truely wonderful, and one for me that evokes many happy memories, particularly the Scotland and Lakes images where both myself and family cycled for a number of years.
    I shall be back again, of that you can be sure.

  • Had a browse in your p/f and found much of interest.
    I particularly liked much of the landscape work.
    Keep up the good work
    regards Roger
  • Hi Ty
    Just spent a few minutes viewing your PF and have found it
    really interesting...particularly like the 'quackers' series, and the tour of Philly......keep up the great work.
    • Posted on TyChee's profile
    • 13 Apr 2007 11:41PM
  • Alan:
    Had an enjoyable look through your p/f, and particularly
    liked your images from Arizon and Utah.
    I am particularly interested in the shot of Monument Valley,
    that graces the head of your P/f.
    Can u tell us a little about that, and was it taken from a vantage point on the 'main drag' or on a guided tour.
    • Posted on AlanTW's profile
    • 21 Mar 2007 9:25PM