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Hi, welcome to my PF and thanks for dropping by!
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A quick view of LinH's recent activity.

  • Orange tip

    Love this Debs.
    They never seem to settle long enough for me to get a shot.
    Very fine images.
    • 28 Apr 2021 5:07PM
  • Peacock

    Quote:Great shot Lin, could be bird damage looking at the shape!

    Could be but both corners the same? Who knows.
    • 30 Mar 2021 2:56PM
  • Anemone Blanda

    Love this Kate, pretty and calming, if that makes sense!
    • 29 Mar 2021 11:18AM
  • Shall we walk across the bay or not?

    A story in photos! Love it.
    My mom always used to say 'you cant put an old head on young shoulders'
    • 26 Mar 2021 8:54AM
  • Moss grows where nothing else can grow.

    Lovely image Bill.
    Your tree trunk has a face with a pointed hat on and a pointed ear on the side all on top of an open mouth! Can you see it?!

    Been in lockdown far too long I think Wink
    • 26 Mar 2021 8:47AM
  • Buzzard.

    Great image Geoff.
    I see them here but can never get close enough, Guess I must frighten them Smile
    • 5 Mar 2021 12:07PM
  • Winter Scene

    Glad to hear you are well again now Janet.

    Love this image.

    • 2 Mar 2021 4:46PM
  • Stunning PF Paul.
  • I am inspired by your outstanding portfolio Sylvia. I just wish I knew how you do it! Such beautiful flower photography.

  • Simply Stunning p/f!
    • Posted on MandyD's profile
    • 20 Oct 2015 1:02PM
  • Thanks for your helpful comment you left but afraid I get lost somewhere between the levels and layers in PS still! Will have a try tho' if i can find out where to get the instruction.
    I think your PF is outstanding and hope oneday to be as good. As a complete novice I have a long way to go and appreciate all your advice. Thanks.
    • Posted on Richsr's profile
    • 1 Dec 2008 9:51PM