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A quick view of liversalts's recent activity.

  • Southwold Pier. (again).

    Great shot Adam and a bit different from the usual viewpoint of the pier. Stick with Raws, though a little more time consuming it does give you the chance to squeeze out more quality from your image and tweek any imperfections in the original shot.
    Good luck with your shooting
    Regards Paul
    • 1 Mar 2009 11:31PM
  • Blythburgh

    Hi Thanks for your comments. I found a car park behind the church which i think belonged to the community hall. I then wandered along a track and onto the side of the river. My wellies stated to sink on several occasions giving me a few scares, but hey we have to overcome all in the search of an image lol.
    Regards Paul
    • 1 Mar 2009 11:25PM
  • Southwold Strip

    Hi Fran I have seen many images of Southwold pier but for me this is one of the best I have seen. I love the way the sky colour has been picked up in the sand prior to the stones. Superb viewpoint and perfect execution. Top Quality very well done
    Regards Paul
    • 1 Mar 2009 1:25PM
  • Happisburgh Dawn Splash

    Fab picture Fran loved to have taken that myself. Nice to have met you on Southwold Beach. I thouroughly enjoyed my day on saturday.
    Best Regards Paul
    • 22 Feb 2009 6:27PM

    Sorry I wasn't aware there had been a temporary upgrade or that I had received a message as I had already checked my messages today? but I will try and upload again. Guess i will have to wait a week to use the critque gallery again.
    • 28 Dec 2008 11:26PM
  • old wreck

    How come your not in bed like sensible people, but thanks for the comments. I've just finished the night shift.
    Regards Paul
    • 2 Dec 2008 6:58AM
  • Paris: Thomas Hugo 2

    Hi This is my first Post. An outstanding image, as a lover of Black & White I can really appreciate this image. You sure know what your doing. Fab shot.
    • 30 Nov 2008 9:13PM
  • simply stunning
    • Posted on LesF's profile
    • 20 Dec 2009 10:12PM