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Hello you, hope you are well.

One word of advice:
Never kiss a crow.
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  • London Light/Life 19 - The Biggest Bowler

    As part of The City of London Festival therer is a giant bowler hat in the middle of Paternoster Square: Bowler and Building Abstract Hat Unusual Sign!


    27 Jun 2014 10:53PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 18 - Round the bend

    Spent lunchtime today photographing curves: The Fryscrapper Dark Alley Round the Bend


    30 May 2014 9:46PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 17 - Jim and Gym

    Sometimes in The City the juxtoposition of Rich and poor just stops you in your tracks. This was one such scene under London Bridge:


    16 May 2014 9:30PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 16 - Underwear over there

    Its not everyday you walk out the office and see people shooting an underwear commercial:


    12 May 2014 9:39PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 15 - St. Gerges Day

    Its St. Georges Day today so I decided to take a walk down to Ledenhall Market: English Eccentric English National Dress From there it is a few steps to where they are building the new sky-scrapper known as "The Cheese Grater": Grea...


    23 Apr 2014 7:44PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 14 - Wapping Canal

    Lunchtime Today I walked down to London Bridge: London Bridge, London Bridge then it was a long treak along side The Thames to The Tower, then on to St. Katherines Dock and finally on to the Wapping Canal which runs through a dock that is now...


    17 Apr 2014 10:40PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 13 - Back to Lords

    Last night I went on another tour of Lords - this time it was a full tour of the ground followed by a "Light Supper" in The Committe Dining Room. Now being from the wrong end of town I've never had a meal called "supper" before so I did not know wha...


    9 Apr 2014 8:35PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 13 - Westminster Wonderland

    I was on a course in Westminster this week - it seems to be a pretty target rich environment: The Abbey Protesting After the protest A sad loss Sitting in the sun Prison Officers Protest


    4 Apr 2014 9:23PM | Read


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  • London Light/Life 12 - Welcome to the Velodrome

    Last night I went to The Revolution Series at The Olympic Velodrome. Great night:


    15 Mar 2014 3:30PM | Read


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  • London Light/London Life 11 - Lordy it's Lord's

    So yesterday I went on an Art Tour at The Home of Cricket - Lord's: In The Writing Room The Ashes Looking Right


    4 Mar 2014 8:45PM | Read


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  • London Light/London Life 11 - Lifeboats

    Outside County Hall is an exhibition of photographs about the RNLI. It gave me a chance to get some unusual images for central London.


    28 Feb 2014 10:35PM | Read


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  • London Light/London Life 10 - Meat Market

    A few shots from a trip to Smithfields: Smihfield Scene Odd Couples Sculptural Detail


    25 Feb 2014 9:09PM | Read


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  • A chance to meet lobsterboy in the flesh...

    I have been signed up to do a fair few talks next year to various camera clubs in the Essex/North London area. If you are in the area, why not come along to an evening of my ramblings: Edmonton Camera Club "Looking Local" Jan 06 Harlow...

    4 Dec 2013 8:34PM | Read


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  • London Light/London Life 9 -Shopping & Protestiing

    Uncharacteristically I have been working hard over some very long days the last few weeks. I still managed to pop out for a couple of lunchtimes. A visit to The SouthBank and a chance to see the BMXers: There was a protest about power bil...


    30 Nov 2013 1:06PM | Read


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  • London Light/London Life 8 - 62 Guns

    Wandering down to The Tower one lunchtime this week I came across The Honourable Royal Artillery Company giving a 62 gun salute for Prince Charles birthday: Smoke at The Tower Friday lunchtime I popped down to Spittlefields for a few snaps: ...


    17 Nov 2013 9:14AM | Read


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