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Activity : Photo Comments


Capturing the world as I see it, one image at a time!
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  • Countryside Winter Wonderland by lollipop_lass

    Thank you, canonfan ... shortly after taking this pic, I was having my car pulled up a hill by a friendly farmer in a JCB ... who says chivalry is dead? Wink
    • 21 Jan 2013 2:27PM
  • HDR Treescape by lollipop_lass

    Thank you, tobyjug!
    • 21 Jan 2013 2:26PM
  • HDR Tree by lollipop_lass

    baie dankie/thank you, Hermanus!
    • 21 Jan 2013 2:26PM
  • Festive self-portrait by lollipop_lass

    Merry Christmas to you too Dave! Grin
    • 24 Dec 2012 8:36AM
  • Canal Life by lollipop_lass

    Quote:An image made in Heaven, my ideal life......

    Regards Nathan

    Thanks Nathan Smile and I hope you get to live that dream life! Smile
    • 28 Jul 2012 9:05AM
  • Window on the world by lollipop_lass


    Similar idea!!

    Indeed Smile Nice one!
    • 10 Jul 2012 6:39PM
  • Stand in Solitude by ChrisStyles

    wow wow wow! Smile
    • 10 Jul 2012 6:00PM
  • Kangaroo Cockapoo by Pete_g

    What a cracking shot!!! Excellent timing! I love the sense of fun and I am amazed such a little dog got so high in the air! Fantastic!
    • 30 May 2012 10:56PM
  • Up, up and away! by lollipop_lass

    Quote:Excellent perspective, Renata, I trust you were securely positioned, looks very precarious.


    Indeed I was, Dave Smile We had been up there about an hour or so by the time I took that photo. Its incredible walking around up there and seeing Robben Island and the other landmarks of Cape Town from the top of a world-famous landmark.
    • 22 May 2012 8:00PM
  • Poppies by lollipop_lass

    Thanks for your comments and thoughts on cropping ... I will do a bit of work on it and upload a new version soon. I appreciate the input ... I did consider Photoshopping out the white centre line on the road or cropping the left vertical about 1/4 of the way in ... what do you think of that idea? I am quite keen to keep the length of the fence post in the picture if I can.
    • 21 May 2012 11:54AM
  • Dual Energy by lollipop_lass

    Thanks everyone for the kind words Smile
    • 20 May 2012 4:19PM
  • The end of the day by lollipop_lass

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments ... Being a new member, its great to be made to feel so welcome and my photos appreciated
    • 20 May 2012 4:02PM
  • Losing my memory by lollipop_lass

    Quote:Fascinating !!....great title !....Mmmmmmm, forgot what I was gonna say now ?????.WinkGrinGrinGrin

    Thanks for your comment Smile I was taking photos of this to sell on eBay, having upgraded my laptop's ram ... it got me thinking Smile I needed to do a macro for another forum I am on that runs a challenge, and I was rather pleased with this ... and any excuse to get the macro lens out is good. My original title for it was "my memory isn't as good as it used to be" but that was a bit cumbersome!
    • 20 May 2012 4:00PM
  • Full steam ahead by lollipop_lass

    Thanks for your kind words, everyone Smile Wales seems to bring out the best in my photography!!
    • 13 May 2012 8:16PM
  • Sunset at White Cross. by clickon

    Breathtakingly stunning!
    • 22 Apr 2012 8:31AM
  • Colour popped lion - for LynneJoyce by lollipop_lass

    Quote:I did this recently with one of my kitty photos, he's white and the photo looks good in b&W, tried to "pop the eyes"...but it don't look as effective as yours!!! Nice one! Smile

    Thank you!
    • 16 Apr 2012 7:55PM
  • Portrait of the King of the Jungle by lollipop_lass

    Quote:Beautiful. I'd like to see a colour popped version of this with just the eyes in colour.

    Hi Lynne
    Thank you for your kind comment. Colour popped version uploaded Smile
    • 16 Apr 2012 1:30PM
  • Worth the climb by lollipop_lass

    Quote:Fantastic photo.
    I climbed Snowdon the year before work mates said ...why are you going all the way to Wales to do that............... this photo you have says " here is the reason!!"

    Thank you VanillaPenguin ... I think once you have done it yourself, you can totally identify with it Smile Well done on climbing Snowdon. Which route did you take? I did the Llanberis path because I was doing it on my own and that route has the most traffic (in case of emergency!)
    • 15 Apr 2012 9:01PM
  • Forgotten Friend by teepee

    Delightful ... works well in b&w ... adds even more depth to that forgotten atmosphere Smile Well done!
    • 15 Apr 2012 8:40PM
  • Coming right at you! by pronature

    Simply stunning!
    • 13 Apr 2012 7:53AM
  • Trio Vervet by lollipop_lass

    Thank you Saeid Smile I have just joined the site and this is my first upload. This photo was taken in March while I was on holiday in South Africa ... it is probably my favourite animal photo from the trip.
    • 12 Apr 2012 10:37PM