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Hi, So glad you stopped by, please take the time and look around my PF or Albums if you prefer, please leave a short comment anywhere in my PF, sadly there is too many of you looking and wondering off without a by your leave Smile
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A quick view of looboss's recent activity.

  • Brief Light

    • 10 Jul 2012 7:20PM
  • ***

    this is as nice as it gets, beautiful photo.
    • 10 Jul 2012 7:19PM
  • The Green

    The 600 pixel Ephotozine format does not do it justice what so ever!! Sad
    • 25 May 2012 7:40PM
  • Force Of Nature

    • 17 May 2012 7:41PM
  • End of the line

    too early in the season for that Smile
    • 15 May 2012 8:56PM
  • LIVE Children!

    I can see this shot going viral lol!
    • 29 Apr 2012 12:39PM
  • Mussenden Temple

    needs a little more contrast and sharpness..
    • 28 Apr 2012 10:15PM
  • Some beautiful shots in this PF well done.
  • Thank you Moira for your interest in my shot
    I see you are still uploading some classy stuff. will have a look soon I promise Smile

  • Fantastic PF Jeanie.

    should have received many more premiers or whatever they are now Smile
    • Posted on jeanie's profile
    • 4 Feb 2009 12:28PM
  • Nice shots lately Pete, shame I have so little time on my hands lately

    good luck.
    • Posted on jaktis's profile
    • 2 Oct 2008 12:41AM
  • Stunning PF!

    real nice work in here,
    keep it up

    • Posted on bfgstew's profile
    • 16 Aug 2008 12:37PM
  • Tank you Jacqueline for your very nice comment on my PF, its very uplifting when something said comes from the heart, as I am sure it did.

    I still remember that chance meeting at The focus on imagin show a couple of years ago ( God! I hope it was you?) Smile

    anyways, your PF is super duper too! but hey! you know that right? Smile

    keep it up..
  • Excellent work, especially with your waterfalls.

    • Posted on Term's profile
    • 23 Jul 2008 12:46AM
  • some real nice images here, and not a bad ratio views to clicks so I'm not far wrong Smile
    keep it up mate.

    its all a bit of fun.

    • Posted on dwilkin's profile
    • 7 Jul 2008 10:42PM
  • A lovely portfolio with a lot of quality portraits!
    I am quite envious.

    Will keep an eye out in future to see what I can learn from you Wink

    • Posted on HelenO's profile
    • 17 Jun 2008 7:56PM
  • Such an explosion of colour, a lot of your images are so beautiful. I am quite envious Smile

    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 6 May 2008 9:53PM