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Feel free to look at my portfolio, leave comments if you like. Be constructive rather than kind - If I want to know the picture was a "nice shot", then I can always ask my mum
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  • Meerkat 1

    Was shot at f3.2 1/400
    iso 500
    No Bias
    Focal length 180mm
    Centre Weighted Metering
    No Flash

    In post, set white balance to "cloudy" (because it was) Then tweaked the curve to what I thought looked nice
    • 30 May 2014 8:30PM
  • Bird off a stick

    Thank you Trev, unfortunately I had no spare frame at the bottom of the image - they don't hang around do they!

    I can see from your mod that the framing can be improved. I will try to find another opportunity to try again in the near future and see how I get on. The image was in landscape originally so I do have some room in front, I'm never sure whether the room should be at the front or back of the subject, but your advice makes sense and I will take that into future exercises.

    • 16 Nov 2012 10:51PM
  • Little house on the prairie

    Thank you for the comments, Yes Hermanus it is a truly beautiful place - on I an highly recommend to visit if you find yourself in the south west USA.
    Tonyguitar, I think it was originally a church when the town was built, but it is now a holiday home. As for the trees, I'm sitting here in the Coconini National Forest surrounded by them, not quite so neatly manicured but....
    • 7 Nov 2012 5:27PM
  • Tackle Dummy

    Thanks Dan I was taught by a master!

    • 18 Jun 2012 2:06PM
  • Going to the Dogs part 2

    Thank you for your comments.

    Taking everything on board, I have uploaded the original out of the camera image - the cropping was really to change the aspect - at 200mm on the Oly you get a 35mm equiv of 400mm so you get pretty good value from the lens.

    I shot in jpg simply because I had no idea what to expect and didn't want to get caught up buffering and missing images, now I know what to expect next time I will shoot in RAW as the burst of three works fine, any more than that and between my camera and card it starts to struggle

    Taken on board the tidying up comments, although I am a little clumsy when it comes to cloning out I am inclined to give it a go knowing that rail and the third dog doesn't really detract too much so I won't give myself a coronary to remove them (I have actually had an order for an 8x10 as is last night so not too much of an issue) One thing that will be going is the pale blue rectangle - that is the bottom of my watermark that goes on my facebook uploads - and the picture was uploaded from that folder by mistake (to be honest I didn't even notice it until Bren mentioned it (oops) )

    I'll be honest I haven't really looked at the autofocus mode - all I know is it works for me so I have not played.

    Again the comments here are very constructive and informative. Everything is taken on board, and hopefully next weeks efforts will be improved thanks to the guidance given here.
    • 28 Oct 2011 10:44AM
  • End of Season

    @eddygilli - Thank you.

    @NEWMANP The difference between the earlier shots and the latest one is becasue the earlier efforts has been through the workflow, this one is straight out of the camera which is why the composition is not of the same quality. From my position in the arena the tilting down would resulted in the fencing tat was between me and the action would have been at the bottom of the image, and I'm not sure if it is correct but I would rather choose to make the picture of the rider than have a barrier do it for me. Two things can account for the blurring, either it was not focussed correctly (I had spent an afternoon in the week at the local eye hospital with an infection or there was movement on the lens. Personally I think it's the latter because most of other photos in the set were sharp, and I wasn't using any support, I would normally use manual focus, simply because using a viewfinder it can be annoying when following the action the autofocus decides to pick up a swinging mallet across the picture Wink
    You're right though, the picture wont make it any further than the "must try harder" folder that sits on my desktop,

    @cats_123 modworks wel, if I were to do anything with it then that is likely to be the road I go along. shame about the shake in the image
    • 14 Mar 2011 8:36AM
  • Daffy

    Thank you for the comments, As you have noted, this is so for out of my comfort zone, I put it up, as shot, to find out if there is something to build on, I am unsure how to compose a picture of this type, and the mods uploaded have pointed out a huge flaw in the image.

    Will I have another go at it? Yes now I have some idea on how to compose the shot and the equipment I need to take with me, a shot of this nature is not going to work without some planning.

    The other errors, as noted can be fixed in post.

    As for the binning, it was in a trash sub folder (I keep them all) I probably meant to speak to my tutor about it just didn't find the time.

    @DRicherby - no need to apologise the picture is poor, I was really looking for composition advice which was received, there are bits and bobs I'm not sure of, so I tend to put them up for critique as you can always rely on someone here to point you in the right direction
    • 16 Jan 2011 10:23AM

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