Hello Everybody. Welcome to my portfolio. It was 12 months this April since i got into terrestrial photography and purchased my Canon 500D. My 1st love of photography has to be Astrophotography though. Due to circumstance though that has had to take a back seat for now which led me into doing daytime photography.
After 1 year of doing daytime photography i still catagorize myself as a beginner. I would of said a few months ago that i have not really got an eye for a good photograph but i think i am slowly getting there and i am starting to end up with results that i intended rather than images that are only good enough for the recycle bin.
I hope you enjoy looking at my images. C&C always welcome, i am still learning so C&C would be very much appreciated when neccessary.
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Not much to be said about myself really. Called Mark, hit the big 40 this year Smile Married for almost 9 years to my wonderful wife Karen. I am a full time carer for my mother in law who sadly has late stage Alzheimers. So not many opportunities to get out further afield to do photography, i do what i can when i can. More importantly i can relax a little when out with the camera Smile


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