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A quick view of Louise44's recent activity.

  • The Little plane with a Big Eye

    Fabulous angle!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:48PM
  • Fractured Reflection

    What a stunning composition! Lovely!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:47PM
  • banjo blues

    Great shot - model's not bad either!!!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:46PM
  • The Old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera

    What a poignant composition! Very moving!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:43PM
  • Fly Past

    • 21 Jul 2010 7:42PM
  • Eiffel Tower at Sunset

    Tres Bon!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:41PM
  • Gorge du Verdon

    Amazing shot!
    • 21 Jul 2010 7:39PM
  • Stunning images Kaleena.
  • Wow, what a portfolio! Your photographs capture an amazing atmospheric feel. Amazing!
  • Great collection of images, looking through your portfolio is like sitting and just people watching!! Marvellous characters captured so naturally. Very well done Alan.
    • Posted on AlanBW's profile
    • 9 Apr 2008 8:45PM
  • Absolutely superb portfolio. You have an amazing eye for a shot Geoff. Love it.
  • Douglas your portfolio is far from just 'normal photography'!! Your images are absolutely stunning. Particularly the birds! Amazing timing and composition. I am in awe!!!
  • Love your portfolio. Keep em coming! You've give the simplest of shots a certain something. Love it.
  • Really like your work! You have an amazing portfolio and your portraits are very well done.
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 9 Apr 2007 4:59PM
  • You have an amazing portfolio. I've enjoyed every shot!
  • Stunning portfolio. Your landscapes are breathtaking. I feel inspired!
  • Your portfolio is amazing. Your pictures have an unusual quality about them and the light seems to draw you into the image. I like your use of fish eye lenses too, really makes you look twice. Very nice indeed.