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Life move very fast, so if you dont stand still from time to time to look around, we might miss it completely
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A quick view of Lourens_Vorster's recent activity.

  • Strawberry

    very colour popping strawberry and model red lips
    This images is all about the strawberry as the main subject as the title suggest,......
    For that reason I would suggest not to include the models eye in the far right image and also not to cut halve her eye off the way you did.

    Still gets my vote
    • 27 Sep 2013 11:32AM
  • Silhouette with _Elise_

    This is a good image,
    but I think it will work better as a nude so that the underwear straps does not change the curves of your model and dig into her body like the panties that are change the shape of her bum.
    Still gets my vote
    • 23 Aug 2013 9:37AM
  • Shackles of Life

    This is a pretty good pose and composition with the chains,

    I agree with John, as i had to buy some chains too in the past for similar photos as can be seen in my PF.

    The only advice I can give is that when you get your model to Pose Naked, make sure she get rid off any tight fitting clothes as soon as she can so the impressions can fade on her skin as sometimes it can be a little distracting.
    Have a robe for her to keep her warm and covered so she stay comfortable in your presence while setting up your gear and getting ready.
    Warming up the chain will also help her a bit, especially in the winter time. Unless u r going for the "goose Bumps" effect.Tongue

    Good image, gets my vote
    • 11 Aug 2013 9:04AM
  • Swimwear.

    It is a cracking Glamour Photo James
    I do agree with all of the above, but I must say that when i clicked on it and it went large, the problem seems less prominent.

    It has been overdone a bit and if you took this at the right moment when she was expecting your camera to blink, it would have been a corker of an image

    Well done
    • 12 Jul 2013 9:17PM
  • Terminator

    Thanks John
    You are right, priceless for the parents. He is also the reason I don't post photos of his mum anymore, lol.
    I only recently started to take raw format aswell as jpeg on camera, I don't know much about it yet and will have to research that part next, get software to use it as I'm still on an old PaintshopPro V2 I think.
    Also might have to look at calibrating PC screen for better editing results

    Thanks for advice
    • 12 Jul 2013 10:53AM
  • What are you thinking?

    Don't know John, cant remember, did it so long ago, just found the images again on a memstick.
    But knowing my skills you are probably right.
    • 11 Jul 2013 9:56PM
  • Silent Thoughts

    This is a very good image,Becks. Like the pose and angle. The mood of the image is beautifully portrait by you. Nice assets two.
    • 3 Apr 2009 4:52PM
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  • You are indeed very good and lucky to always have a model, willing when you are ready,lol
    • Posted on beckas's profile
    • 3 Feb 2009 3:05PM
  • Why there are no comments yet, is prob because the viewers of your gallery is left breathless? Very good images here. I live it
  • I really do love your work. It makes me want to get out there and keep them shutters noizy. Wel done
  • Nice Portfolio John. I take inspiration from your work with me when I take my camera out of the bag next time. Well done on consistantly great IMAGES( not pix!!!!) I leave the word "pics" for the ones that dont look like art.

    Thanx for your hard work and keep them shutters noizy
  • I loved looking through your portfolio. Thanx for advice on camera and so on.
  • Looks like i am the first to look at your profile? Because i dont think ot possible to look at these stunning images without leavin a comment. I loved it. Keep those shutters noizy and the images flowing out to us all.
    • Posted on MKL27's profile
    • 6 Jan 2008 2:25PM
  • Wil just take all the comments into one this time, ..... WOW!

    • Posted on dudler's profile
    • 24 Dec 2007 6:08PM
  • good work. Keep them shutters noizy, we want more of this excellent images.

  • Loved looking through your images. Great imspiration. Keep them shutters noizy
    • Posted on sketch's profile
    • 24 Dec 2007 10:13AM
  • Love your work/ Some strong images here. I love it. Insperational to us all. Keep them shutters Noizy.