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A quick view of Lovebe_eyes's recent activity.

  • The mobile generation by mark2uk

    A good portrayal of our times..

    Phone zombies..! Heeelll...! Where has true connection gone, not digital connection... Hhhmmmm.....
    • 16 May 2022 12:05PM
  • Time by Danny1970

    A lovely set..

    They make for a powerhouse of nutritional free food before they become time tellers as well..! Underrated, maligned but actually beautiful and useful plants.

    • 29 Apr 2022 12:10AM
  • Morning Crossing by jrsundown

    It's a sublime painterly image..

    A thought.. Cropping out the bottom part with the six geese could focus the eye even more to the main subject and beauty in the scene..? Perhaps...

    I love it any which way though..

    • 11 Mar 2022 7:07PM
  • Man O'War Bay by nigell

    Man O' War Bay and St Oswalds Bay too.. Old haunts, my home town is Weymouth.. A very nice image ..

    • 11 Mar 2022 1:38PM
  • stop by carmenfuchs

    Wired, connected world.. Disconnected from nature..

    As always your brilliantly expressed portrayals of life.

    • 11 Mar 2022 8:40AM
  • ~ Beyond Another Shelter ~ Bridge Home ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:Not a fan of colour popping, but here it works very well, not only emphasising the danger of the broken glass, but it has a connection to the figure beyond, thanks to your careful placement of her right behind the tape.

    Absolutely Malc, nor me... I hesitated quite a bit before sharing this popped version..

    Your observations help make it more ok and thank you for award..

    Best as always.. Chrissy

    • 5 Mar 2022 9:04AM
  • a cold embrace by carmenfuchs

    You always move the soul with your imagery..

    • 5 Mar 2022 8:34AM
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