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  • *** by Shibram

    Life carved into a face, reflected in those eyes..

    • 17 Jan 2023 3:15PM
  • The mobile generation by mark2uk

    A good portrayal of our times..

    Phone zombies..! Heeelll...! Where has true connection gone, not digital connection... Hhhmmmm.....
    • 16 May 2022 12:05PM
  • Time by Danny1970

    A lovely set..

    They make for a powerhouse of nutritional free food before they become time tellers as well..! Underrated, maligned but actually beautiful and useful plants.

    • 29 Apr 2022 12:10AM
  • Morning Crossing by jrsundown

    It's a sublime painterly image..

    A thought.. Cropping out the bottom part with the six geese could focus the eye even more to the main subject and beauty in the scene..? Perhaps...

    I love it any which way though..

    • 11 Mar 2022 7:07PM
  • Man O'War Bay by nigell

    Man O' War Bay and St Oswalds Bay too.. Old haunts, my home town is Weymouth.. A very nice image ..

    • 11 Mar 2022 1:38PM
  • stop by carmenfuchs

    Wired, connected world.. Disconnected from nature..

    As always your brilliantly expressed portrayals of life.

    • 11 Mar 2022 8:40AM
  • ~ Beyond Another Shelter ~ Bridge Home ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:Not a fan of colour popping, but here it works very well, not only emphasising the danger of the broken glass, but it has a connection to the figure beyond, thanks to your careful placement of her right behind the tape.

    Absolutely Malc, nor me... I hesitated quite a bit before sharing this popped version..

    Your observations help make it more ok and thank you for award..

    Best as always.. Chrissy

    • 5 Mar 2022 9:04AM
  • a cold embrace by carmenfuchs

    You always move the soul with your imagery..

    • 5 Mar 2022 8:34AM
  • Chloe Standing in the light by rontear

    Yes, absolutely sublime...

    Award from me.

    • 5 Mar 2022 8:27AM
  • ~ Beyond The Shelter ~ Late Colour ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:Good to see you again Chrissie! Like the reds all around the frame - even the mimi in the background. Good work.
    Graham Wink

    Thank you Graham..

    • 1 Mar 2022 8:50PM
  • llorona by carmenfuchs

    Such soulful imagery.

    • 19 Feb 2022 1:26PM
  • Off to work by smut01

    It's all been said.. Wonderful creative moody film noir feel..

    • 23 Jan 2022 3:35PM
  • Cute and Fast by Kerpa

    Absolutely adorable and exactly.. My scallywag Westie could run "six to the dozen"..!

    Chrissy 😊
    • 23 Jan 2022 3:26PM
  • It's okay to not do it all, or so I keep telling myself. by wsh

    We are human beings, not human doings...!

    From Satish Kumar on Desert island discs..
    • 7 Jan 2022 1:33PM
  • wipe by shitzkit

    I love it..! There's something about people and busses , bus stops.. Aye..!

    • 3 Jan 2022 1:04PM
  • Escape From Arlington House by ZenTony

    Desolation.. The juxtaposition of the hard lines of the urban architecture, the lone figure against the sky and yes the free bird makes it.. Great stuff Tony..

    • 2 Jan 2022 3:44PM
  • Offensive? I think not. by KDC

    Nope..! Beautifully natural...

    • 26 Dec 2021 2:55PM
  • Litany by fredsphotos

    Wonderfully ethereal.. Takes me to Celtic or Nordic lands of beautiful dark mystery..!

    • 24 Dec 2021 7:28AM
  • ~ Breaking Glass In My Room Again ~ Cracked Humanity ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:stunning!....the lack of sharp focus makes it...not just the mystery .......but technically also.....well worth my award.....oh and have a good xmas Chrissy......stuart

    Well thank you so much Stuart... Yey, that inexpensive Russian tilt lens is fun to use and perfect for creating softness.. You too have a Xmas filled with goodness Stuart...

    Chrissy 😊
    • 24 Dec 2021 7:22AM
  • ~ Beyond The Shelter ~ V For Viral Fear Or loVe ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:This has the look of a fifties film noire from the USA does anyone in a so called protected space looks so vulnerable?.....the impact of the mask on our hearts and minds is a high cost for the safety factor they bring.......another thought provoking Chrissy moment......great work my friend

    Aaah then it's / I've done what I wanted to achieve..Thank you Stuart for your appreciation, as always ..

    Exactly.. Masks; Such a high cost.....
    • 15 Dec 2021 1:54PM
  • ~ Beyond The Shelter ~ The Gentleman Who Said Good Afternoon ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:I hope he doesn't have to see through that perspex to see if his bus is coming!
    More imaginative use of the grungy things we see every day, Chrissie. (The shelter, not the man!Wink)

    Exactly..! Thank you for the gong Malcolvitz. .

    • 4 Dec 2021 11:54AM
  • ~ Autumn Fades For Hannah ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:That Jupiter 3 50mm f1.5 really does the business.....superb feel to the it!Smile

    Absolutely and exactly Stuart.... That old Silver Jupiter helps create beautiful images.. Warm greetings to you, I hope you are continuing to make pictures..

    Chrissy 😊
    • 3 Dec 2021 8:36AM
  • ~ Beyond The Shelter ~ The Meaning Of Waves Shadows And Dreams ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:The artificial enclosures that confine us all.......great work Chrissy!

    Thank you Stuart and for your always very valued gong..!
    • 27 Nov 2021 10:39PM
  • ~ Beyond The Shelter ~ November Man ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:Fabulously intriguing Chrissie.
    Graham Wink

    Thank you Graham 😊
    • 20 Nov 2021 8:44AM
  • Castanhas by James124

    I adore painterly photography so I love this...!

    Hints of Ernst Haas here...

    • 19 Nov 2021 4:18PM
  • ~ We Are Stardust ~ We Are Wood ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:Visual echoes - do they happen, or are they made?

    Lovely drop of differential focus and - say it quietly - Bokeh...

    Perhaps both John.. In this case I didn't have in mind including a human figure but saw the potential as the person approached.. So it just happened, though it was made too ~ through attentive observation.. Sums up how we create..?
    • 14 Nov 2021 6:12AM
  • Fishing by TDP43

    Sublime image... Less is more

    • 13 Nov 2021 9:10AM
  • Mothership Morning by billgoco

    Possibly Lenticular clouds.. Wonderful nature, any which way...!
    • 8 Nov 2021 4:31PM
  • ~ Haunted Ghosts Of Rain ~ by Lovebe_eyes

    Quote:They are heading away, looking for another dimension. Brilliant.

    Thank you Moria and for your valued award..

    Chrissy 😊
    • 31 Oct 2021 3:19PM
  • R A I N by INK74

    Art style, evocatively asking questions.. My style, I relate to this..

    • 29 Oct 2021 11:36PM