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A quick view of lozzyrhino's recent activity.

  • Red Dress

    I look like Sigourney Weaver?? Thanks Fjordian, she's one of my favourite actresses! Smile

    No bulldog clips on this one, this dress finally looked good on me after owning it for 5 years! Thanks Rab, you know how to make me look good!

    Can you believe we've been back over a year already?!


    • 5 Dec 2005 1:16AM
  • Driven from Abstraction

    That's my butt! I won't be able to look at this pic again without my eyes drawn to the 'light' bit! Perhaps Rab can resubmit it with that spot darkened? I wouldn't want anyone to think I'd overdone the baked beans for breakfast! Smile
    • 21 Oct 2005 2:10AM
  • whiter than white

    Cute kitty! I know cats are very clean but this is ridiculous! Smile Actually I think he missed a spot under his eye! Love the expression too. Click!
    • 5 Oct 2005 1:10AM
  • Australian Red

    Hey Mel, I really like this one, I find it very aesthetically pleasing. Click!

    • 5 Oct 2005 1:02AM
  • Barry One Year on

    Adorable! Gorgeous colour and nicely framed! Click.
    • 13 Aug 2005 12:10AM
  • The Crow

    I wouldn't say that Rab's an evil genius......

    Awesome shot! Click!

    • 29 Jun 2005 9:24PM
  • Daisy

    I'm not really a photographer, however, IMHO I think you have definitely captured the essence of the moment and it looks clear and well framed. I give a big click to the kitty! (and to yourself for taking it Smile
    • 23 May 2005 7:17PM
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