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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Have a look to my portfolio and let me have your comments, please (I'd appreciate both negative and positive ones).
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  • Cinemagraphs

    I posted a thread here that has a good link too Cinemagraphs
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  • Film Scanner

    The Plustek`s can be good value and some are not too expensive. "Most dedicated slide scanners of this price do not have automatic feeders so because I have 1000's...
    by luceombra | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on gajewski's profile

    You've got an outstanding portfolio! Congratulations
    • 1 Apr 2012 1:49PM
  • Posted on Scottishlandscapes's profile

    I see here a fantastic portfolio full ob outstanding lanscapes. Congrats
    • 8 Feb 2012 9:44AM
  • Posted on jonathanbp's profile

    Hi Jonathan,
    you have got here a great and awesome collection of portraits I would have taken myself. I'm particularly impressed by the relationship you seem to be able to establish with the subjects of your interest. I'll continue to follow You for sure
    Take care
    • 2 Feb 2012 9:24AM
  • Posted on dmhuynh72's profile

    You have a stunning portolio: wonderful pictures!
    • 22 Dec 2011 12:27PM
  • Posted on bliba's profile

    You have an outstanding portfolio, Oliver. I take off my hat!
    • 21 Dec 2011 3:53PM
  • Posted on helenlinda's profile

    You have a magnificent portfolio: Many, many compliments
    • 8 Nov 2011 8:17AM
  • Posted on wyatturp's profile

    You have an outstanding portfolio. I admire you
    • 23 Oct 2011 9:47AM
  • Posted on Tainia's profile

    A colorful portfolio. For sure you know how to deal with colours. I am more on the monochrome side, mainly because I do not feel good enough in balancing colours in my pictures
    • 20 Oct 2011 8:32AM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Excellent portfolio. You are a real master of colours! Smile
    • 19 Oct 2011 8:33AM
  • Posted on Uppercut's profile

    You have a marvelous portfolio for sure! I really admire your creativity!
    • 13 Oct 2011 8:51AM
  • Posted on Eviscera's profile

    Just visited your gallery, it's simply fantastic! I deeply admire your creativity and your post work skills!
    • 12 Oct 2011 8:08AM
  • Posted on banehawi's profile

    A stunning portfolio for sure. I am amazed by your creativity and technical skills
    • 4 Oct 2011 8:28AM
  • Posted on TheWanderer's profile

    I discovered your portfolio a few minutes ago and find it very enjoyable and creative. I'll come back soon!
    • 30 Sep 2011 12:33PM
  • Posted on cattyal's profile

    Just came across your stunning portfolio....I have no's fantastic and extremely amazing! You just made my day! Thank you!
    • 29 Sep 2011 10:24AM
  • Posted on GERRYGENTRY's profile

    You have an outstanding portfolio, Gerry!
    • 26 Sep 2011 11:48AM
  • Posted on wyatturp's profile

    just strolled through your portfolio. You have got al lot of talent. Congrats!
    • 26 Sep 2011 8:08AM
  • Posted on POOCHIE's profile

    just had a walk in your gallery....simply outstanding! A lot to learn from your images.
    • 22 Sep 2011 2:31PM
  • Posted on Gp350's profile

    Your portfolio is really marvelous. I found a lot of inspiration. thank you for sharing.
    • 21 Sep 2011 5:21PM

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