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Luciajo's Blog


Thankyou to everyone who leaves comments they are very encouraging to me, I've also tryed a few challenges if you have time take a look,thanks once again,I really look forward to browsing this site!!
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  • Sorry!

    Uncommon signs. I got it wrong!0

    2 Oct 2009 6:43PM  |  Read


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  • Gate across the railway track!

    Thankyou for the response from my last blog, I've got some ratings at last, its fun have a go. My latest is: Gate across the railway track, in unusual signs. Thanks for looking once again. Luci.0

    2 Oct 2009 6:40PM  |  Read


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  • Can anybody explain?

    When you enter a challenge how do you get people to have a look so they get a chance, because I've entered 5 now and none have been voted for. The reason maybe theres no chance, (there rubbish) but it just seems coincidental that none have been voted...0

    17 Sep 2009 11:09AM  |  Read


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