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thanks for taking time to look at my photos all advice is most welcome and will be taken on board
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A quick view of luckybry's recent activity.

  • Pathway to ?

    haining hoose
    • 30 Dec 2016 7:42PM
  • Flight of the Thistle

    realy like this
    • 28 Sep 2015 11:05PM
  • Seed dispersal

    Photography is all about what we like if you like what you have taken it is a good image do not worry what others say , I totally agree this site is about sharing images for others to enjoy if people do not like your work they should only leave constructive criticism and not put people down I for one always admire your style keep it up regards Bryan
    • 26 Sep 2015 9:05AM
  • London Bridge

    lovely image well composed imho a tighter crop would benifit it just my matter of taste
    • 15 Sep 2015 4:29PM
  • Faces...

    very good images no 3 and number 5 stand out for me
    • 15 Sep 2015 4:25PM
  • The wet look

    very dramatic
    • 15 Sep 2015 4:24PM
  • Hang on in there.

    excellent detail
    • 13 Sep 2015 4:43PM
  • lovely images nice portfolio
  • was looking thourgh your portfolio some excellent images some of the landscapes are amazing

  • some amazing images grt portfolio will have to check it out more often

  • some excellent images here Dave nice work
  • fantastic nature photography some of the bird images are amazing
  • i have to agree with the others your images are magical grt detILS AND POV i have recentley purchased a sigma 10-20 lens if this is the results it produces i will be more than delighted
    • Posted on Steve-T's profile
    • 14 Feb 2010 7:55PM
  • excellent shots Martin plesure viewing them
    • Posted on martinjp's profile
    • 16 Dec 2009 10:54PM
  • grt shots always like your style with the motor shots what you using nowadays im up to a nikon d90
    • Posted on KTM112's profile
    • 28 Nov 2009 7:03PM