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  • When I had the lens repaired, the estimate was higher than the actual repair but only of about 8 pounds difference..
    Well, you are right at least I will get the guarantee with the repair and I had 3 days to "breath it through" so hopefully it will be Timbos scenario and next time I need to hold the camera even higher when slipping Smile
    Thank you, guys!
  • No, I definitely am not qualified to decide what is wrong with the camera. Also, this also is not the first time I m having something repaired/checked (but lenses only, in Kingston branch) but before at least I understood from the estimate the work they were carrying.

    This time it is not clear at all so I do have doubts that for them it might be easier to change the main part, have it done (or simply to move onto another camera) and not to have a proper look at it.

    I will speak to them about it but I would appreciate help from others that I have few opinions, that is all..

    And thank you for the contact for the Glasgow company, I will have a look, too!
  • Hi guys,
    I would like to ask whether someone has got the same experience..
    On my holiday i slipped down and knocked my D90. Not much, the camera was hit on a softer side I would say.. From the outside, all seemed fine, no cracks, anything, but the camera doesnt focus (therefore no possibility to take pictures), displays error r-16 in any mode except of M-mode. It is still possible to look at the pictures.
    I sent it to Nikon to give me an estimate and the price of the repair is 255 GBP!!!!
    They charge me 54 GBP for Main PCB and 32 GBP for top cover FPC unit. I had no idea what this meant, so I googled it and the main PCB means they want to change the whole "mother board".. This seems to me inaccurate and as they just want to strip me off some money..
    Have you got the similar experience?
    I know I can refuse an estimate but to be honest I am not sure whether this repair can be really this pricey? I counted with 150-170 pounds, but 255? too much..
    Any help or any recommendation of another service?
    Thank you!