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Druid, Pagan Priest, musician, poet, artist, shaman, visionary, #Occupy activist
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A quick view of LV426's recent activity.

  • Avebury Stone Circle by ladaman98

    What a beautiful and magical place.
    I was there for the spring equinox.
    Well done.
    • 6 Apr 2013 1:02AM
  • The Andromeda Galaxy and Comet PanSTARRS by AntHolloway

    That is pure commitment!
    I'll give you my UA for that.
    Some years back I had a go for a few months on a telescope because I just loved all those cool NAA pictures. My experience wasn't that great as it is a very time consuming hobby and one will need a huge amount of patience .
    The highest I got was seen the rings of Saturn, and that was an impressive memory that i'll keep forever. But sadly I couldn't find time and patience anymore for the telescope, so I sold it on. I still do stargazing tho.

    So, this picture shows a enormous effort and pure patience and DEVOTIONS to the craft and hobby!
    Amazing work
    • 6 Apr 2013 12:58AM
  • From the Rocks by martinl

    Mystic and oh so magical!
    Fantastic picture that is almost alive with pagan folk tales of long lost glory and the shy fairy folks that live deep within this wood.
    Amazing place that you have found here!
    Tarek /|\
    • 18 Mar 2013 3:51AM
  • Grey Sky Angel by originalgum

    Hey, I got many of those pictures. I just love graveyards and stone angels.
    Nicely done here I must say.
    • 18 Mar 2013 3:43AM
  • Avebury Stone Circle : Two Gentlemen with Two Ladies. by UrbaneMagick

    Hey, you are back!
    It reminds me of a line in the great move "Dances with wolves" which goes something like this....
    "....and the guy in the west is probably thinking, "why isn't he writing?" " Smile

    Well, that are different colours! That polariser filter does has it's uses in adding a sort of ,special effect, to the picture.
    I haven't thought of using the filter in this way but I can see myself getting my pl filter out of the bag and wipe the yearlong gathered dust of it to give it a try again.
    Nicely done my friend.
    • 18 Mar 2013 3:41AM
  • hold me close by mabaron

    I really like the sense of emotions that you capture in your series here.
    Well captured.
    • 10 Mar 2013 2:25AM

    A gateway leads us through your lives. A gateway that hides all that is on the other end that we can't see.
    A gateway that determents our life. A gateway that leads us to our destiny.
    Thoughts mingle as we all pass our own gateways.
    A fantastic shot, well composed and executed.
    • 10 Mar 2013 2:14AM

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  • Posted on carper123's profile

    Amazing style and unique visions in your images!
    • 6 Feb 2013 1:19AM
  • Posted on andylea's profile

    Truely beautiful work!
    A PF of awesome pictures that to have here.
    • 5 May 2010 12:13AM
  • Posted on Missy_Vix's profile

    I admire your observation in detail, light & shadow and the sheer beauty in the decay and loneliness. Itís not been seen here that often. Very inspirational and unique!
    Truly amazing captures that you got here in your PF!
    • 9 Oct 2009 1:13AM
  • Posted on RobboB's profile

    Fantastic landscapes and scenes that you captured so beautifully.
    I like your use of colours and sence of distance that you use in your landscape shots.
    Very interesting work.
    • 11 Aug 2009 12:51PM
  • Posted on porty2003's profile

    There ane some great landscape scenes that you captured here.
    Very nice work.
    I like your work because it is not your typical "Postcard" pictures that you can find everywhere else. There are truely unique spots.
    Some lovely "Wish you where here" moments.
    • 11 Aug 2009 12:44PM
  • Posted on andmolliethedog's profile

    Amazing work.
    Truely inspirional and unique!
    • 1 Jul 2009 2:11AM
  • Posted on SueEley's profile


    I really like your work. It is a pretty rare thing to incooperate certain "feelings" and "emotion" in images or photoes but you done a damn fine job by captured them. Amazing results.
    There is the whole story telling part and a great portion of "art" in itself that i do love so much.

    Keep on doing what you are doing!
    • 10 Mar 2009 1:47PM
  • Posted on BoardingInFive's profile

    There are some really stunning Sunsets in your PF! A wild range of impressive colours. Almost dreamlike beauty.
    Keep on doing what you doing! Smile
    • 3 Mar 2009 12:34PM

Limited to latest 30 results.