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I'm a 'gatherer' not a 'hunter', I don't scan distances (...scapes) for prey, I look at the world near me. I see little things of interest, pretty flowers or dead and decay, symmetry in nature. People and cats are favourites and if I was a good photographer I would take black & white fine-art nude. I am, however, c*ap at the technical stuff and prefer to be creative out of, rather than in-camera!

I really like changing things, adding colours, textures etc. It is my wont to take perfectly adequate shots and then deconstruct them totally and hopefully make them appear what is in my head, and not as they come out of camera.

These days I take pictures which generally please me, and occasionally pictures that I know will please others. I don't have much access to the internet alas, so mostly I will just click to show I like a picture but I hope this won't always be the case and in future I will be interract more.


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