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Activity : Photo Comments

  • Freesia Reflection by simont

    A beautiful image,wonderful colour and detail lynex
    • 26 Feb 2005 2:19AM
  • Sheena by amps

    Hi Alan i thought i would pop by and say hi,this is amazing ,very very beautiful,stunning model and excellent portrait Lynex
    • 1 Nov 2005 1:09AM
  • Nut Hunter by urban-hero

    Excellent shot well captured Lynex
    • 31 Oct 2005 1:30PM
  • Big Smiles by lyne

    Thanks all again so much Lynex
    • 30 Oct 2005 8:05AM
  • Day Dreamer by lyne

    Thanks everyone,i agree it is a little dark,will have a tweek in P/S thanks again Lynex
    • 28 Oct 2005 2:06PM
  • Last Rose by panda

    Excellent, sharp in detail lovely warm colour
    • 31 Oct 2005 1:28PM
  • Free Sprit Colour by lyne

    Thanks everyone for your advice,much welcomed,it does look a bit flat i will have a little tweek,i think its because it was a little windy that day alot of movement,thanks again all Lynex
    • 26 Oct 2005 11:20AM
  • Dressing Up by BumbleBee

    This is so beautiful.what a little star. Lynex
    • 26 Oct 2005 1:36PM
  • Horses (2) by missmoon

    Beautiful,really well captured. Lynex
    • 25 Oct 2005 4:01AM
  • Free Sprit by lyne

    Thanks folks,
    j i have the colour one may add that tomorow,
    wes i have to agree,shes my little beauty and im so proud of her, thanks again all Lynex
    • 25 Oct 2005 3:50AM
  • Parkhouse by keithh

    Now this is stunning,beautiful soft lighting and the colours are amazing,looks a beautiful place. Lynex
    • 25 Oct 2005 3:59AM
  • And whose Army! by annefromleo

    Beautiful image beautiful little girl,love her expression Lynex
    • 23 Oct 2005 1:45PM
  • One Summer's Day by lyne

    Thanks all for all your wonderful and constructive comments much appreciated Lynex
    • 23 Oct 2005 1:06PM
  • Fashion 2 by dfbailey

    Beautiful fashion shot.Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 11:48PM
  • FasHion by arteric

    Stunning portrait,great fashion shot,love the blue tone Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 11:36PM
  • Eagle Owl by graham1944

    I agree great action shot,well captured Lynex
    • 21 Oct 2005 12:19AM
  • Maria-Louise by lyne

    Thanks everyone for your time and comments,its not that sharp was a little dark so i had to lighten it and lost some of the detail in marias face,but i just liked the shot,Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 11:38PM
  • Sun, Sea & Sandcastles by Lou41

    Excellent fun family shot,love the colours, great detail Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 7:18AM
  • Burchells Zebra by proberts

    Stunning shot,beautiful tones,Excellent work Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 7:22AM
  • Anusia by artdesign

    Beautiful shot,stunning model great B/G Lynex
    • 20 Oct 2005 7:25AM
  • by answersonapostcard

    Excellent portrait k lovely tones,love the look she has beautiful young lady, sad to hear you wont be posting for a while,your work has got even better some excellent work,im back and you are going hope it wont be for long, good luck in your website,Lynex
    • 19 Oct 2005 1:17PM
  • Maria-Louise by lyne

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments and input,its good to have such good advice and help i had forgot what a great site this was for helping people with there honest comments,this means alot to me as i always take all the advice i get and use it thanks again folks.Lynex
    • 19 Oct 2005 9:40AM
  • Starry Eyed by lyne

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment it means alot,K thankyou for your very helpful addvice i will try this,i did this last night my eyes arnt what they were lol, will have to stop doing them on a night,thanks again folks Lynex
    • 16 Oct 2005 3:15AM
  • steep climb by gill_f

    Excellent ,you have captured her perfect Lynex
    • 15 Oct 2005 1:20AM
  • Trying the dress by havapeek

    Beautiful,love the softness Lynex
    • 15 Oct 2005 1:24AM
  • Maria-Louise by lyne

    Thank you all for the welcome back,been very busy so not been on for a while ,i will have to find my way about the site again,i forgot to add the photo large sorry,maria is doing very well,she started modeling and loves it,thanks again all Lynex
    • 14 Oct 2005 10:44AM
  • Double T by lyne

    Thanks all for you wonderful comments i will try catch up later lynex
    • 25 Mar 2005 2:03PM
  • Darkness and Light by lyne

    Thanks all for your comments,the B/G is a field with snow,i was thinking about taking it out but i quite liked it so left it thanks again lynex
    • 8 Mar 2005 10:57AM
  • The Landing by lyne

    Thanks all so much lynex
    • 6 Mar 2005 2:44PM
  • Jamie by lyne

    Thanks all lynex
    • 6 Mar 2005 2:48AM