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Hello and welcome. Thanks for looking at my efforts. All constructive criticism and ideas for improvement are most welcome.
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  • Annette38 has had all her cameras stolen in Costa Rica where she now lives. She still has several lenses. She has asked me to ask does anyone have a Half decent old Nikon FX format for sale?

    Lynne Joyce
  • Feedback - I purchased the lens from Panamoz. The service was 1st class and delivery on schedule. I will certainly buy from them again.
  • Tut tut guys, no arguments, we can agree to differ and have different opinions.

    I am finding this thread incredibly useful and I thank you all for that. I can feel my purse twitching and think that I might just take the risk.
  • Thanks sitan1, I'll try that.
  • Thanks guys.
  • Where do I find the thread?
  • I am interested in buying a Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Wide Zoom Lens and found this ridiculously cheap price here -


    Does anyone have any experience of this retailer? Are they legit?

    Lynne Joyce
  • I have never had a GEA Sad but that doesn't make the system wrong, it just means that my images didn't appeal to any of the Guest Editors. 3.8% is less than statistically significant so far from being excessive.

    It strikes me that there are people who use this site just so they can have a damned good moan. I work on the principle that if I have nothing positive to say I say nothing. So here is my final comment.

    Thank you so much to each and every Guest Editor for giving your time and effort for free and for sharing your tastes and preferences with us all (even if my obvious genius has escaped your notice thus far)!!!
  • I dropped my Canon 100-400 lens today (yes I know, stupid of me). Though it appears to be working I'm not sure. Does anyone know where I can get it checked? I'm in Chesterfield for the week.

    Lynne Joyce
  • Hey, where do I get one of those Photographers' Rights cards?
  • I am impressed at people's creative deviance!
  • Geoffphoto - that's inspired!
  • My greatest irritation is the huge battalion of monstrous egos (all nationalities here) who plunge themselves right in the middle of your carefully set up location shot, drape themselves over the sculpture or landmark in an exaggerated Hollywood style posture then affect an inane grin so that their acolyte can take a picture of them with a Mickey Mouse camera. I call these shots 'Me Ats' as their purpose is to bore family and friends rigid with a whole series of these with a commentary that starts

    "This is me at......"

    Me At egos seem to have no regard for others at all. There were hundreds of them when we went to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia and they shoved their way into almost every shot I set up. I was near homicidal by the end of the trip!

    Do you think that we photographers, particularly those of the wrinkly old bat tendency like myself, are a little lacking in patience?
  • Next time I'm coming on a photo trip with you Paul Morgan. I'll do the sharp tap in the shoulder challenge and if they pull the "I'm a photographer" stunt, you punch them!
  • Narcissism used to be exceptional but now it seems to be the norm, fuelled by the media and a parenting system that seems to exclude the word "no" completely.

    I went to Venice for Carnevale last year and was astonished at how considerate the Venetians were to the many photographers there. Many halted in their tracks and waited when I and others were taking photographs and a lady leaned over for me on the Vaporetto to clear my view. Other photographers however were incredibly rude. A firm tap on the shoulder and a gesture to indicate that I was setting up a shot left them shocked and surprised at being challenged, but it usually worked.

    At events and paid photo days I have noticed that I tend to get the rude treatment far more than others and I am convinced that this is because as a 65 year old female I am invisible. The sharp tap on the shoulder and a reminder that I am setting up a shot almost always gets a look of complete and utter bewilderment and surprise that I am there at all! I guess that the expectation is that I should be tucked up at home with a hand crocheted blanket draped over my knees. You have to be a very feisty saggy old bat to get any shots at all I today's world.
  • I know that Photoshop has a lens correction feature but I have never been able to get results from it that are anywhere near as good (IMHO) as hand tweaking. I've never managed to 'cure' vignetting though so maybe PT lens might be the answer to this one.
  • Thank you nexus7. I have never heard of this software but will purchase ASAP.
  • Thanks guys. Phew, I have just looked at the price difference. If I go for the 16-35, I have a bit more saving to do!
  • Mike, are the 17-40 and 16-35 Canon lenses? I think that I do want to go wider than these though.

    I do prefer a zoom though I love my 50mm 1.4 and my whizzy 100 mm macro lenses. I want the lens primarily for landscape work. Edge superiority sounds good and I really hate vignetting (I spend hours in Photoshop getting rid of it) so these are important considerations. Re lens flare, can't this be considered an artistic merit?

    Thanks for your help thus far. I'm technically bewildered but learning all the time with the help of others.
  • I have a Canon 5D Mark 2 which I love to bits, with a not-yet-complete collection of lenses. I want to buy and ultra wide angle lens, not a fisheye, but haven't a clue which one to buy. I am told that the Canon EF-S 10-22 is the best on the market, but it won't fit my 5D Mark 2.

    It has to have AF (my eyesight is rubbish) and I am prepared to pay for quality. I have read reviews on both the Sigma and the Tamron but confess to being bewildered.


    Lynne Joyce
  • Thanks Pete. I won't tell him about this site until I have caught up!
  • Brilliant. Great site. Thank you. It is now on my bookmarks toolbar.

    There's nothing wrong with the term geek. It is shorthand for one who is devoted to a particular subject and knowledgeable way beyond others. I would love to be a photo-geek myself and if ever I get there, I will own the title with pride, always provided that it is allowed to be both a geek and a wrinkly!
  • I am new here, a 60 year old rank amateur who would love to be technically proficient. However I really struggle with photo geek-speak and feel that real photographers speak a language that I just don't understand.

    My husband is a technically proficient photographer - you know, the kind who says "Smile" for a holiday snap then fiddles with the camera's bells and whistles until you are left with a weary grimace on your face. He tries to explain all the terms but because they lack logic to me I find them tough to remember.

    Is there a dictionary of photographic terms for non geek speakers like myself?