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Hi, thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

Alan (M0TFT)
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A quick view of M0TFT's recent activity.

  • Sir Nigel Gresley

    Thought it looked like Shildon, I have a much steamier but similar image on my P/F
    • 17 Oct 2015 8:58PM
  • Top of the World

    Taken from Glacier Point methinks?
    • 25 May 2015 12:51AM
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis Last Flight - Lift Off

    I think cats will need to wait for the replacement (if there ever is one), but having seen a night time shuttle launch, I have got to say if they ever make one, then go see it!

    Great photo!!!!!
    • 16 May 2015 9:20AM
  • Cupid

    Nice to see the young lady is actually holding the bow and arrow correctly (amazing haw often you see pics with the bow backwards)!

    Shame we don't have any archers dressed like her in our club!
    • 15 Mar 2015 9:16AM
  • F-15E

    Cad east by any chance?
    • 26 Jul 2014 4:44AM
  • mallard

    At Shildon, was it busy, it was very last weekend!
    • 22 Feb 2014 10:59PM
  • Sun Dog

    Thats a very bright one, well done for spotting it, and photographing it too... Not many folks have seen them, until they are shown one!
    • 7 Feb 2014 12:48AM

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