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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Sunset over Harlech Beach and the Lleyn

    Thanks Smile
    • 26 May 2009 10:24PM
  • A Dogs View

    She (Mali) never gets tired of playing in water, loves it. Jake however is not so keen but he will get his paws wet if he wants to steal Mali's stick Wink
    • 21 May 2009 3:18PM
  • Model in trees

    I got a few shots here too but not with a hassleblad and it was a different model when I passed. Nice Smile
    • 3 Mar 2009 6:35PM
  • Pin Mill - Bodnant Gardens

    Every local has a shot like this, still like it tho. Took mine back in 2005 and spent ages in Photoshop removing people and lilies!!!
    • 4 Sep 2008 2:47PM
  • Betws-y-Coed Fake Tilt-Shift

    I like it too, think you are right about the people. It's strange seeing Betws like that Smile
    • 4 Sep 2008 2:44PM
  • Galah

    Crazy colours, Nice Smile
    • 4 Sep 2008 2:40PM
  • Jacks eye

    Thanks everyone Smile
    • 3 Sep 2008 7:57PM
  • Mrs Ali G

    I love this shot. Mrs Ali G is so clear and the colours are fantastic. To me it looks like she has a mischevious smile! Smile I like the bg too Smile

    • 30 May 2008 2:10PM
  • biker bubbles

    Made me laugh...great Smile
    • 29 May 2008 11:32PM
  • Come and play

    Quote:Funny you should say that, on ocassion Shadow actually turns his back on me!!!
    Lovely shot,

    Yeah i think the flash has gone off in her face one time too many now!!!

    Thanks everyone for all the comments Smile
    • 29 May 2008 9:52AM
  • Cat dreaming

    Is it me or is she/he smiling!!! Great shot
    • 28 May 2008 1:22PM
  • Taz

    Fantastic Smile
    • 28 May 2008 1:09PM
  • Spring watch again

    I think the ducklings are fantastic but not so keen on the border. Nice capture.
    • 28 May 2008 1:08PM

    Dogs are great, I agree with ManInBlack Smile Very cute shot Smile
    • 28 May 2008 1:08PM
  • Bad Hair Day re-do

    Great Pic Smile
    • 28 May 2008 1:06PM
  • Mali

    Thanks Smile We were down at a local lake as she loves water, we were playing catch with sticks and it's flying towards her there.
    • 27 May 2008 11:28PM
  • George

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments Smile
    • 22 May 2008 10:47PM
  • Peacock

    Thanks! I think I was using my compact Kodak camera with the optical zoom, I'm not to keen on getting friendly with peacocks, geese or swans!
    • 20 May 2008 2:08PM
  • Don't I look nice.

    WOW! V nice Smile
    • 22 Apr 2008 9:27AM
  • The Moelwyns

    Thanks everyone Smile I will have to try and get up early again one of these days...
    • 20 Apr 2008 9:48PM
  • Reflections of Snowdon

    Great shot, as above i never seen Mumbyr so calm!
    • 17 Apr 2008 10:51PM
  • Gothic

    Great pic Smile
    • 17 Apr 2008 10:48PM
  • Robin 1

    Great shot, had a go at this the other day but didn't get anything as good as this, nice one Smile
    • 17 Apr 2008 10:39PM
  • Train Tunnel

    Thanks, not sure why it is classed as adult, seems to have a mind of it's own when I upload photos as it added a modification to an image last week when I didn't want one Sad
    • 14 Apr 2008 1:04PM
  • 34039

    Great shot ha ha!
    • 13 Apr 2008 9:14PM
  • Halifax

    I really like the atmosphere the clouds are creating.
    • 11 Apr 2008 12:33AM
  • Thea

    Thanks Mike Smile
    • 10 Apr 2008 8:48PM
  • Ulla

    Fantastic Smile
    • 10 Apr 2008 8:46PM
  • Mr Man

    Thanks Bill, all his dogs are Border Collies but Mr Man is the only red one...he is easier to photograph Smile
    • 8 Apr 2008 11:27PM
  • Spring storms

    Great atmosphere Smile
    • 6 Apr 2008 12:17AM