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A quick view of MacroMeister's recent activity.

  • Ty Nant by MacroMeister

    Quote:Don't knowhowyou did it but I'm seriously impressed.

    I'll tell you how I did it - it's seriously easy. Tied the bottom of the bottle (taped it) to a piece of twine, and tied it to a horizontal bar so the bottle is now hanging upside down and empty. Placed a bucket underneath on the floor. Set up the camera on a tripod and set the studio flash up. It was on low power to get a short duration flash to freeze the action. Then filled the bottle by holding it the right way up. Got my assistant (wife) to put her hand over the opening of the bottle and hold it upside-down. At my command she took her hand away, and I fired the camera and lights. The water glugged out and the camera recorded it.

    Of course, it didn't look like it does here, as the bottle was upside-down in the shot - so I just rotated the shot 90 deg in Photoshop to give the impression that the water was being ejected side-ways. The camera never lies... not!Grin
    • 22 Nov 2012 3:52AM
  • More 4 by derekhansen

    I do wish you hadn't posted this. I too have a 5DM2, but my main general lens is the 24-105L. I've been thinking about getting the 17-40 to do shots like this, and now I'm probably going to have to take the plunge and risk the break-up of the beautiful relationship with my wife. Does that make you feel guilty? WinkWinkWink

    Sorry... WOW! Great shot!

    How close were you to the rail?
    • 21 Nov 2012 10:36PM
  • S_Olivia and Fire's Secret by Dave_Collier

    An excellent shot in many ways. beautifully captured. The left thigh of the lady kneeling goes behind the legs of the other lady. Then her foot suddenly reappears, and it looks slightly disconnected. An excellent shot though.
    • 21 Nov 2012 10:22PM
  • Clematis stamens by RuthyJ

    Lush. And actually quite different. Voted.
    • 21 Nov 2012 9:58PM
  • Bath time at Bloody Foreland by liteman

    The Welsh do this too (litter the countryside with old baths). I don't know why. Maybe it's a Celtic thing?

    The bath makes a fascinating foreground object for a landscape. Is that dirty water in there, or is it the blood of EU funding officials? Wink

    Voted! (No, I didn't, it's disabled)
    • 21 Nov 2012 7:17PM
  • A gentle walk by gary_d

    Do you know, this looks even better in BW. I think it's the sort of shot that naturally suits BW. Have you tried it?

    Excellent composition, and the man/dog perfectly positioned. Very nice - but better in BW?
    • 21 Nov 2012 7:06PM
  • The Wicker Man by mrswoolybill

    I don't see Christopher Lee anywhere!

    I think this one of your better shots, Moira. Your more artistic and nuanced side has obviously comes to the fore here. I'm forced to vote (argh!) but partly for the 'trial and error' metering method - it shows a contempt for technology in the pursuit of art.

    Voted (as the say on FLICKR)

    • 21 Nov 2012 6:54PM

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