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If you like one of my images please feel free to leave a comment and or a vote. I'd really appreciate the comments though. Thanks to my buddy VidB for the portfolio image
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  • The Square Window by madbilly

    Thank you all for your kind words and votes. Life hasn't been the same since Maggie left us, she has been and always will be missed by myself and the family and all our friends. She used to love going out at weekends with the cameras until her health started to fade. She was a wonderful lady and touched a lot of peoples lives.

    Take care all

    • 16 Feb 2021 9:16PM
  • ponies by madbilly

    Ah it's a wee bit of a journey from my place Sandy, but was so hot made the effort this time
    • 20 Jun 2017 10:45PM
  • *** Bus stop *** by Spkr51

    It's pretty cold over here but this makes me even colder. lol.
    • 24 Jan 2017 8:12PM
  • Mr Sleepy by madbilly

    Considering this was taken on a phone camera I think it's really sharp and true colour.....well done apple.
    • 18 May 2015 7:30AM
  • This is Stripey by madbilly

    Hi Sandy, no he isnt the dad, he was too young when the female was in heat. \she offered, he refused....we thought he was gay, but realised it was just age. Lol. 3 of the kittens have gone now we only have one left so hopefully not for much longer.
    • 9 May 2013 7:05AM
  • Aint I Cute by madbilly

    3 gone, 1 to go
    • 8 May 2013 7:08AM
  • March month-end montages by CarolG

    Great set Carol, calendar companies could use these ! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, take it easy

    • 1 Apr 2012 8:09AM
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  • Hello...New here

    Welcome ma'am, hope you have some fun. Your pics should bring you some votes although thats not what its all about.
    by Daisymaye | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on: Canon EOS 40D hands-on first look

    I recently changed my 20d for the 40d and I find the image quality is SUPERB on the 40d. There is a marked difference. There was nothing wrong with the 20d, I loved it but the 40 is definitely better in all respects. Results straight from the camera are far superior to the 20d and the larger screen makes it far easier to review your images.
    • 12 Feb 2010 8:02AM

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  • Posted on lesgoodey's profile

    I came across you pf by chance after seeing a comment from you on someone elses image, gotta say, I'm well impressed, stunning detail and colour in everything. I know you are a pro but even so EXCELLENT WORK. I'm so jealous its unbelievable


    • 21 May 2010 8:09PM
  • Posted on DaveGu's profile

    This is a great pf. The self images are really amusing and hats off to you for your use of props and dressing for the part.Keep up the good work


    • 8 Apr 2010 8:48AM
  • Posted on Johnfromnotts's profile

    Hi John, me again. I hadn't realised that all your work on epz was abstract until I got your message tonight and went back to your pf. I have to congratulate you on your work....outstanding stuff.


    • 22 Mar 2010 5:41PM
  • Posted on goso's profile

    Thanks for the info on my old car Bill, regards
    • 19 Nov 2008 6:54PM

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