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too hot to handle!

By CarolG  
I saw my dog playing with something on the driveway yesterday, and went to investigate. I found this rather large black spider on his back, looking a bit the worse for wear. I gingerly flipped him over with a large leaf and he sat there looking at me angrily, raising his front legs and waving them around. I managed to co-erce him back onto the leaf (a large one, I might add!) and took a few pics of him before he started advancing towards my hand. I have never seen anything like him before, he had a marble-sized body, greyish and slightly hairy. An ID would be gratefully received. View large, if you dare!

Tags: General Close-up and macro Wildlife and nature

Voters: maratsuikka, CherryMartin, jaktis and 122 more

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2 Apr 2009 5:35AM
FANTASTIC,Carol,here 7:34 and spring is near.......
CherryMartin 14 10 United States
2 Apr 2009 5:36AM
Scary looking bugger. Great captures.
jaktis 18 84 Sweden
2 Apr 2009 5:44AM
Cracking close ups

2 Apr 2009 5:55AM
Monster Smile
Daisymaye Plus
14 25 24 Canada
2 Apr 2009 6:24AM
Wonderful captures ...what a huge ugly spider. Great detail on him...Sandy
old timer 18 55 1 Scotland
2 Apr 2009 6:36AM
Gives me the heebie-jeebies - I'm arachnophobic!
VIKI 16 18 1 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 6:38AM
My God Carol, you take some risks. Fabulous shot, but I'm glad it's not here!!!!!!!!
greatdog 14 21 England
2 Apr 2009 6:48AM
Great close up shots Carol,looks scary!!Dane.
RTDS 14 Cyprus
2 Apr 2009 7:00AM
Excellent macro captures again Carol.
V3 and V4 are my favs.
Stunning details.
KarenFB Plus
16 5.9k 184 England
2 Apr 2009 7:04AM
As for the ID, you are on your own!! It looks more like a glove puppet then a delicate spider!
cassiecat 14 39 46 England
2 Apr 2009 7:12AM
i like the direct stare in v1 looks menacing.lesley
challicew 14 1 1 South Africa
2 Apr 2009 7:12AM
Spiders freak me out, and at the same time I am drawn to PHOTOGRAPHS of them! This one is freaky...but man your photographs are excellent!
fentiger 21 920 24 England
2 Apr 2009 7:29AM
An arachnophobic's nightmare! Great well taken photographs.

RachelMB 16 42 10 England
2 Apr 2009 7:46AM
This spider is ever-so-slightly cute, but I think I'd freak if it was actually sitting in front of me. You must be very brave Wink
sparrowhawk Plus
14 282 3 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 7:47AM
scary stuff! terrific shots
barbarahirst 14 27 12 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 7:55AM
Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!
What cracking photos though
Rock 20 10 2 England
2 Apr 2009 8:01AM
What a Handsome looking Fellow !

Great work.

motorsportpictures 14 289 23 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 8:03AM
WOW , amazing close-up.
viscostatic 16 50 11 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 8:04AM
What an amazing creature Carol. These are excellent close-ups, especialy versions 1 and 3.

MandsH 15 England
2 Apr 2009 8:08AM
Very scary, can't look for long!
pluckyfilly 16 351 33 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 8:13AM
WOW amazing Carol
Silverzone 15 2 England
2 Apr 2009 9:12AM
Braver than me! Looks like a wolf spider that live in holes in the ground. Not my cup of tea but great macro. (Not home yet grabbed a few moments on a friends computer) Sylvia
scott_jessuk 16 249 1 Scotland
2 Apr 2009 9:35AM
Rather you than me, great shot and nice work to get the big fella onto a large leaf.
V3 and V4 are very good photos of this spider. V3 is very menacing.
It might be a Steatoda. It's a nice harmless creature and looks scary in order to lead a peaceful life in houses in Crete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + well known for attacking and eating dogs!

Have a look on
whiteswan01 14 13 England
2 Apr 2009 9:41AM
wow he looks massive great angles nice detail
BERTRAM 14 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 9:43AM
Fantastic shots.
MickyMc 15 8 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 9:55AM
Incredible I just don't know how you do it.
SurreyHillsMan 15 27 2 England
2 Apr 2009 10:29AM
Scary wonderful set of shots Carol... looks like a Muppet Smile

crookymonsta 14 842 10 England
2 Apr 2009 11:41AM
I can't bear to look - you get my vote for bravery! Sandra
DolphinLady 16 54 1 Wales
2 Apr 2009 11:41AM
No way am I going to view this large...he's big enough thank you very much.
These are all wonderfully taken with lots of great detail to them.
I vote for all of them.
Bodiewil 15 46 Wales
2 Apr 2009 11:42AM
Amazing capture Carol
cjl47 14 5 3 England
2 Apr 2009 12:28PM
As the only one in the family who is not terrified of spiders (I scoop them up and put them outside - everyone else either runs or batters them with a shoe) I thought this was an amazing set of shots.
Mind you if a sparrow got in the house I'm gone, I even walk away from a strutting pigeon. Smile
koka 14 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 12:52PM
VERY brave Carol - a beautiful study again and as well executed as ever. Great work Katie
Gezina 16 3 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 1:12PM
He looks bloomin huge - I won't stop long enough to ID him sorry - V3,V4 are cracking Ina
sanjan 14 Scotland
2 Apr 2009 2:15PM
Great shots , but..... i would have been sreaming at seeing something like that. ' Janine
gerrymac 15 10 1 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 2:20PM
Brilliant captures v1 and 3 amazing...10/10 for nerve...your a special woman to mess about with something like to have you in my coner when the going gets tough
taggart Plus
18 47 15 United States
2 Apr 2009 2:56PM
V4 is my fav. probably saved the dog's life-- Huge for a spider!
sable 14 9 7 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 3:13PM
Wow what a brilliant set of shots - no idea of the ID but will keep on coming back to see if anyone has posted what it might be - very interesting - Elizabeth
bayleaf 15 8 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 4:16PM
Wow superbshots

piccy 16 8 Wales
2 Apr 2009 4:16PM
Well I hope these don't emigrate. Also not a fan of spiders but full of admiration for the four brilliant shots.
Scaramanga 15 60 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 4:22PM
Superb stuff. Amazing eyes.
Bob_V 15 1 2 United States
2 Apr 2009 4:41PM
What an ugly spider, four great close-up captures Carol.
gregl 17 19 1 England
2 Apr 2009 4:49PM
Are there no risks you won't take for a great series of shots! I think I might have left him just where I found him.
Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 5:38PM
Carol you are so much braver than me poor dog would have been on its own I hate the thought of these creatures never mind move one
lovely pictures though

Stay safe

Linda Smile
RuthyJ 16 England
2 Apr 2009 5:41PM
Crikey Carol what a beast. He has fantastic little beady eyes though.
Great captures.
2 Apr 2009 5:51PM
Superb set of images Carol, how brave you are to get so close. I would have run a mile LOL. Good to see such amazing close-ups though with all the intrinsic detail.

PattiW 17 24 2 United States
2 Apr 2009 5:55PM
Frightening beast! You are so brave! A true photographer as you obviously will go to any lengths to get the shot! Fantastic capture! Must say I have never seen the likes of it, nor do I hope to! He seems awfully fat!
2 Apr 2009 6:02PM
Well I was wondering what could be next and wow-you have not let me down ! Scary fellow ! You are a brave lady Carol . Gill
Flyfisher 14 9 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 6:15PM
Great pictures, Carol. I'm not frightened of spiders, so often have to pick them up and put them outside, at others' behest. Might dreaw the line at this one, though! Ron
nickyv32 15 135 England
2 Apr 2009 6:36PM
Wonderful set, what a huge beastie he is, frightening large !
Great spider, not that I would want to meet him

videotec 14 8 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 6:54PM
He really is a monster-great set Carol
Ayelet_A 14 11 3 Israel
2 Apr 2009 6:55PM
Oh my... sure - he looks friendly...?!
You are such a brave one Carol - but I think spiders are really gorgeous so I'm taken with this one -stunning shots!

2 Apr 2009 7:06PM
superb image of this mean looking critter,well taken carol.ray
Stace 14 2 2 England
2 Apr 2009 7:11PM
Cute little chap, rather you than me though Carol, Excellent

helenlinda Plus
15 374 22 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 7:28PM
Excellent detail Carol
SoulOfNature 14 23 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 7:32PM
1st class macro shots !!!!

Jean x
Steve_S Plus
17 183 3 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 7:49PM
Wow, stunning captures Carol
vandalp 14
2 Apr 2009 7:50PM
Amazing shots Carol, very brave of you to save and then photograph him.
Cormy 15 3 England
2 Apr 2009 8:51PM
Great close-ups Carol,but he wasn't near the front of the queue when they gave out Looks was he? Or is it a she ? That would be even worse.
Mewinty 14
2 Apr 2009 8:56PM
Fab close up. Particulary like V3. Great work, Melissa
2 Apr 2009 8:57PM
You are mad - no way would I get close enough to take a pic the dog would be on his own.
madbilly 14 1 4 England
2 Apr 2009 9:01PM
Carol, I have come to admire your close up work over these past few weeks. I like to think we have become cyber friends over this time and THEREFORE, I am prepared to arrange an appointment with a local doctor for you if you like. Its obvious that you have no nervous system as it appears you are not afraid of spiders the size of a small rottweiler, which to me is unnatural. lol

EXCELLENT pictures of one of the scariest things I've seen in a long time (barring my missus)

keep up this quality of photography

bestest scariest regards

super work
Anjantoo 14 7 1 England
2 Apr 2009 9:32PM
What a scarey looking creature...he reminds me of someone just not sure who, it's the eyes I recognise!
Yet another brilliant set of creepies!
never mind too hot to handle too BIG to handle!
maryg 14 66 18 Scotland
2 Apr 2009 10:40PM
Haven't a scooby waht kind hes is and really don't want to find out , superb work brave lady. V2 , I like just because he looks cross eyed and less scary. Those legs look like big fingers
bunbeam 17 2 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 10:41PM
blimey thats a beastie, amazing captures
fwatts 14
2 Apr 2009 10:49PM
smashing set of photos carol xxx frank
Campbell 13 1 Scotland
2 Apr 2009 11:19PM
Excellent set of images...He or she is certainly too hot to handle for me. Lol Smile
2 Apr 2009 11:38PM
Oh my goodness you are so brave, brilliant shots,
iancam 14 23 England
3 Apr 2009 5:21AM
Excellent macros Carol
susanbarton 14 11 1 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 8:17AM
WOW I'm scared! great shot

TerryMcK 14 72 2 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 9:08AM
Superb macro work here, Carol. Well done.
SteveMoulding 13 3 7 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 9:57AM
Stunning macro shot. Excellent detail, colour and composition.
Ridgeway 16 222 2 Ireland
3 Apr 2009 10:34AM
Gulp ! Glad it's a neighbor of yours Carol.
Those fangs look dangerous,,
The detail is amazing Carol,all four are fanyastic,
Just back from another look LARGE,possibly cute in one and two but 3 and 4,,
No thanks,,
FeatherFriend 14 38 217 England
3 Apr 2009 11:05AM
4 cracking close ups Carol, superb detail/color,
Brilane 16 5 12 Wales
3 Apr 2009 1:31PM
Looks to me as if it could be a Textrix species.
teocali Plus
14 442 18 England
3 Apr 2009 2:34PM
Simply superb Carol - what a wonderful creature, captured in all its weird glory. Love the action in V3 - he is really creeping along!!
XxPaulxX 16 265 England
3 Apr 2009 3:54PM
Stunning macros! V3 definately my fav. He looks like he's smiling in V1 to me, but that might just be me being daft as usual Grin
microchip 15 1 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 6:43PM
Wow Carol some of the best spider shots I have seen, all are superb in their own way,the detail is wonderful ...Orrible fings best to leaf them alone,Smile
betts 14 1 England
3 Apr 2009 6:58PM
Excellent Carol, but to much stunning detail, what a beast.
jocneilson 15 2 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 8:07PM
Well spotted. Gingerly taken get me. Click yours JOC..
3 Apr 2009 8:44PM
Great set of images of an ugly spider. I hope I never get to see one like this. Well done for taking them, I would have got as far away as I could.
ketch 15 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
3 Apr 2009 9:32PM
Superb shot and what a fantastic wee beastie - amazing eye contact (should that be eyes contact) - I think it is a Mouse Spider - which certainly would have given you or your dog a very painful bite that would have probably needed medical attention but also I think these guys are very laid back and not at all feisty- I don't think it is a Black Widow though.

Best wishes

IFIMAGE 14 143 Wales
4 Apr 2009 4:47AM

Quote:EXCELLENT pictures of one of the scariest things I've seen in a long time (barring my missus)
Brave man!! lol


Great set I think he would have seen the underside of my Size 10 shoe!!

m3lem 16 England
4 Apr 2009 3:46PM
Aamzing shots,
avocet 15
4 Apr 2009 5:36PM
Bet this has scared a few people! Great close up. Going to Costa Rica in a few days' time. Hope I can get one as good as this!
f8 19 9.2k 22 England
4 Apr 2009 9:41PM
Pity you did'nt get an object to give it scale Carol, It seems too big to be an indiginous species of spider.
By your description and the pics it could be a Tick, a sheep tick.
Still your capture is very good and worthy of the clicks.
brownsilent 15 7 2 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2009 12:55PM
Somehow unnatural - but for me this doesn't look as scary as some other specimen (the small eyes perhaps?) - but, to be honest - even so I would not have dared to get that close! Excellent quality, sharp and great pov! Eye to eye so to say!
Hope you have a nice Sunday,
norton 18 2 6 Jersey
5 Apr 2009 8:50PM
Superb captures carol,V3 for me....................

Glostopcat 16 255 2 England
10 Apr 2009 12:28PM
A brilliant set of macro shots Carol, he certainly is a frightening looking beast who would terrify any arachnophobes on epz, in fact he's the scariest creature i've seen since epzer Bunbeam! lol
Ridgeway 16 222 2 Ireland
19 Jul 2013 11:57PM
Very very cool Carol.
Love this set,


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