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  • I love the way we talk about discounting as though its something new. As me old Grannie would say - there's no harm in asking, they can only say no.

    Put discount wedding photography into Google. Wink
  • Can someone please define how 'passion' can be displayed in a landscape photograph and then we can take it from there.

    As for people taking notice of prints on a hospital wall. I suspect they have other things on their mind.
  • maybe it is the season for Kingfishers, if i was lucky enough to have taken the pictures of them i would be uploading them aswell Smile
  • Its that time again, hope you have had a good day Chris, happy Birthday mate Smile xx
  • I gave up last Easter, really wanted to, went to the docs and was given champix tablets they are fantastic, you take the tablets and still smoke by the second week i had smoked my last ciggy. I have not even had a puff on one since that day.
  • .....and who wants to know you flirty little trollop. Wink

  • Quote:and do different rules apply to how they should be appreciated and judged?

    NO. Its just another photograph. If you understand as much as you claim to do, then why can't you look at a photograph of a bird and make a decision as to whether, in your view, its a good one.
  • Not everyone has got and can afford the top notch equipment, but that said, i don't think it is that easy with or without the equipment to get the perfect bird shot every time ....... with or without the stick.

    Some people on here excel in what they produce in bird shots.

    Landscapers can put hours of time and patience waiting for the light and come home with nothing but mundane drab shots from a long day.

    Some people spends hours taking bits and pieces from different photos and make their own masterpiece up, each to their own and we have to accept that no matter what equipment we have or have not got, and how many hours we have sat patiently waiting, whether it was for light or a dinosaur to walk through the forest - not every image is for everyone.

    That said, you clearly are having a go at the bird photographers that over sharpen their images (in your opinion). Those who gave the awards liked the shots, regardless of what you think.

    So in plain English what you are wanting to say that their are too many over sharpened bird on a stick shots getting awards.
  • Hi from another corner of Dorset Smile
  • Such sad news, i sent him a PM on the 2nd Jan asking him how he was..... i guess he never got the message Sad
  • Bugger... lol might just treat myself at half price.... i am sure someone will be along and sort you out Smile
  • Only just seen this, as ive been away.....( not in a home or prison) Wink

    I am glad to read that sue has made a recovery, hope all is ok with you as well Ade.

  • Manufacturers paper is all to often re-branded from another manufacturer due to their being very few actual producers of paper intended for photographic ink jet printers.
  • Happy Birthday to a good mate of mine Smile x
  • In the days when the forum wizzed along at break neck speed, a lot of could be had with the edit.
  • Hi Smile
  • Cole wrote on someones photo that RogBrown was rubbish.

    It got deleted but not before 30,000 views.

  • Fab news, hope all goes well Smile
  • says the expert..... lol
  • Thats the one i put by for you, hope you like it Smile
  • having six what??? Wink
  • lol no chance.... he owes me big time.... we would make Chowmein of him Wink
  • PM sent... next Smile
  • ok will send you a pm, put by under name of "Cole the negative one"...... my fourth phone call not bad.....Smile
  • i have found you one Cole but it is in Newport they have put it by for you if you want you want me to send you the details Smile
  • ive found one, i should get it
  • so negative lol
  • what is your nearest town you could go to at the weekend?
  • well they should do, they know what they have delivered and put on their shelves!!!
  • Why dont you phone a few shops Cole, might be easier to locate Smile