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  • Commented on 'NW Meet Number Five (2007)'

    Have a great time, M, (*_*)
    • 11 May 2007 4:53PM
  • Commented on 'NW Meet Number Five (2007)'

    are you here yet? Lol, M, (*_*)
    • 3 May 2007 4:50PM
  • Commented on 'NW Meet Number Five (2007)'

    We'll probably meet you on the Saturday to say hallo... lol, M (*_*)
    • 18 Apr 2007 3:58PM
  • Commented on 'Fourth (and counting) Annual NW Weekender - 24/25th June 2006'

    Glad you made it all home safely, I hear some the worse for wear??????? Good to see ya all, thanx for your kindness, MMMMMMMMMM (*_*)
    • 25 Jun 2006 7:37PM
  • Commented on '2nd Annual Rowardennan Meet November 2/3/4/5/ 2006'

    We heard about it, Digicammad and his good lady were great ambassadors (but not on the last list?), do you still have two places for us? Paul and Magda Indigo? Lolo, M (*_*)
    • 25 Jun 2006 2:12PM
  • Commented on 'Fourth (and counting) Annual NW Weekender - 24/25th June 2006'

    just tell us where and, MM, (*_*)
    • 12 Jun 2006 8:30AM
  • Commented on 'Fourth (and counting) Annual NW Weekender - 24/25th June 2006'

    Is it ok if Paul and I meet you on the Saturday? M (*_*)
    • 12 Jun 2006 6:42AM

    although we'd only met twice, we instantly clicked, she's a very lovely lady.
    Having been in hospital for operations myself, I know how important and welcome a visit can be. The days are long there, I know when to pick a 'good' time. I stayed for about an hour until her husband and two children arrived.
    She is soooo longing to go home, will have to take it easy and faces a long road to recovery, but she's in very good spirits AND glad it's over.
    Magda (*_*)
    • 18 Oct 2005 3:15PM

    Flossie is fine, no complications, hoping to go home tomorrow or the day after.
    She was EXRTEMELY happy with all your good wishes, couldn't wait reading them, said she's probably going to read them 4 times...
    We had a good laugh together, she was a bit lonely today, so it was all good.
    She sends her love to you, Magda, (*__*)
    • 18 Oct 2005 9:55AM
  • Commented on 'Message to Flossie?'

    ANYMORE? 1/2hr left... (*_*)
    • 18 Oct 2005 5:30AM
  • Commented on 'Message to Flossie?'

    I am going this afternoon around 3.30. M (*_*)
    • 18 Oct 2005 2:57AM
  • Commented on 'Message to Flossie?'

    tomorrow I am going to visit Flossie in hospital, ANYONE wants to send a message? I'll print them out and take them... M, (*_*)
    • 17 Oct 2005 8:50AM
  • Commented on 'Comment stats dropping?'

    thank you, John, this is just something that has been festering a while, but enough... I should have stuck to my usual SILENCE, it's not often I was on the forums, exactly because of the bickering and slagging. So, signing off here. CIAO, (*_*)
    • 11 Oct 2005 9:21AM
  • Commented on 'Comment stats dropping?'

    May I just clarify, that I WAS NOT THE MALCONTENT one, but if you get hammered and mocked day after day, well wouldn't everybody get tired, I was ALWAYS positive, ANYBODY, PROVE I wasn't!!!
    Now you've really pushed a 'wrong' button, WHAT'S WRONG with taking my photography serious? Maybe some more should!
    That you don't take epz serious, I agree...
    Fickle, me? I have been one of the most consistant contributors for almost 2 years, untill, yes I sat back and asked myself WHY?
    Pete, what did I get out of it? A few very good friends and a lot more insight into the human psyche.
    • 11 Oct 2005 8:55AM
  • Commented on 'Comment stats dropping?'

    you just can't ever do 'it' right on this site! First I was jaded and told that I only got feedback because I commented soooo much.
    Well now I just click on the images I like anonymously, also not good...
    OOhh I know I'm sticking my neck out again, nothing new, never been afraid of that.
    I only came back because so many asked, overall, the joy and hapiness has gone from this site, that's what I hear mostly, sad, M (*_*)
    • 11 Oct 2005 7:26AM
  • Commented on 'Wednesday and Fun Friday challenge rolled into one'

    seen my portfolio then? M (*:*)
    • 7 Oct 2005 7:24AM
  • Commented on 'Wednesday and Fun Friday challenge rolled into one'

    I've uploaded so many 'never seen' before it's not even funny, M (*:*)
    • 7 Oct 2005 6:09AM

    HOW YA ALL DOIN? lol, Magda (*_*)
    • 6 Oct 2005 8:43AM
  • Commented on 'a Lensbaby arrived today'

    it's a real 'gimmick' lens, be carefull, ours has a Nikon fitting, and three times it was STUCK on the camera, we had to take it to the Nikon technician who has now kindly 'given' us the tool to release it. NOTHING else works!!!
    Paul and I have uploaded quite a few, in fact his last one was taken with the Lens baby, people don't usually go for them much, most even think it was done in PS.
    • 8 Jul 2005 6:38AM
  • Commented on 'London Explosions - any related discussion'

    My heart is heavy, my eyes brimming shamelessly.
    Paul was on a bus at that time, it could have been here, it could have been him.
    We must not live in fear, but it is sometimes good to think of what could be, it might make people be, daily, kinder to each other.
    I understand something atrocious like what happened, manifests in rage and anger in many people, me, I am sad, ooohh, so sad.
    We each deal with suffering in our own way.
    Please let's have some respect... Magda
    • 7 Jul 2005 5:55AM
  • Commented on 'What's your comfort food?'

    Raspberries, and raspberries, and raspberries, (*_*)
    • 6 Jul 2005 9:41AM
  • Commented on 'Blue Heart Rally'

    objective observation AND the first time I got involved.
    As a member of different other sites, EPZ is now the ONLY site NOT to show the appreciation... Childish???????????????
    Please don't bite my head off, I need it. (*_*)
    • 4 Jul 2005 1:58PM
  • Commented on 'Lens Baby any one got a picture from one?'

    I have one, a very good example is, in my PF, 'all you need is love, the doves', there's others...(*:*)
    • 1 Jul 2005 5:47AM

    exhibit on a theme? Or just random Pat?(*:*)
    • 30 Jun 2005 6:07AM
  • Commented on 'The Death of Photographic Portraiture'

    that's it, you see, the rules of photography are the rules of photography, they don't change, whatever the tools.
    But I suspect that most people today think, great I get a cam, point, shoot, see the result IMMEDIATELY, don't like=delete, after a while they come to realise it is so much more than that, photography is in the first instance a skill that has to be learned, like any other.
    If you are then born 'lucky', with some talent and some creativity in your genes, you'll take it further.
    Happy hunting, (*:*)
    • 29 Jun 2005 6:12AM

    I'm dying to come again, it was just soooooooooooo fantastic, I'm still daily remembering and talking about things that happened, I saw, I ate, people I met, WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, thanx again, M (*_*)
    • 28 Jun 2005 3:18PM
  • Commented on 'Anyone spotted someone they know, unexpectedly on the web?'

    I took a photo in Flamborough of 2 people in a classic old car, I'll repost(*_*) it next week, and someone commented here on epz, that it was actually his uncle!
    • 26 Jun 2005 9:12AM
  • Commented on 'The Death of Photographic Portraiture'

    no problems, just an interesting exchange of opinions, (*_*)

    IMAGE= An optically formed duplicate or other representative reproduction of an object, especially an optical reproduction of an object formed by a lens or mirror.
    PHOTO= A picture of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material.(*_*)
    • 25 Jun 2005 6:33AM
  • Commented on 'The Death of Photographic Portraiture'

    thanx Col, but I do consider most of my images to be photos, I use different cameras, but virtually nothing but film, so, do you mean because they are scanned and being viewed on screen they all become 'images'? (*?*)
    • 25 Jun 2005 6:12AM
  • Commented on 'The Life of Photographic Portraiture'

    My camera and lens are the extensions of my emotive vision, the inner me.
    I like sharing those precious moments - often long gone. If I had not seen and recorded it there and then, words would be very inadequate, so my pictures have their own language.
    When people see them, I hope they speak to them or release an emotion.
    I hope so, because then I'm happy and have reached my goal.
    Photography is too important in my life and too beautiful a medium to be marked by disrespectful levity. (*:*)
    • 25 Jun 2005 5:54AM