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Welcome to my portfolio

I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs I take.

All my recent images (Since dec 2008) have been taken from my bed, all my bird shots are taken shooting through my double glazed window.
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A quick view of magicaxeman's recent activity.

  • The last goodbye

    Thanks for your kind comments, Yes he's very happy in his new home, lots of long walks with a family that loves him to bits, he's having the life of riley and loving every minute.
    • 9 Aug 2016 3:04PM
  • Holly 2

    Brilliant set, lovely model and the lighting is spot on.
    • 20 Jun 2012 4:33PM
  • Robin, second attempt

    A good shot but as said its a little soft, that could be from shooting at the max aperture on the lens as most are sharper around F8, 1/400th second with VR engaged should be enough to eliminate camera shake, at least it is for my shakey hands on my set up, so I wouldn't think it was that.

    I always focus on the eyes then quickly recompose the shot depending on where the bird is looking, in this case I would have placed it to the left a little so you can see more of the area its looking towards.

    Another thing I have found helpful is getting old branches and twigs, then placing them in the places where the birds tend to land or sit.
    In this case you could probably jam a small branch in the top of the metal fitting, this gives a much more natural looking shot.
    • 19 Jun 2012 12:10AM
  • Hen in evening light

    Thanks for your kind comment Lillian, I think sparrows are an under appreciated bird, I'm lucky to have a healthy resident population here, they just captivate me.
    • 12 Jun 2012 3:40AM
  • Collared dove in flight

    Thanks Tony & Lavina, you might be surprised to find out it was 150ft away when I took the shot and was shot from my bed shooting through my closed double glazing.
    • 12 Jun 2012 3:38AM
  • ...

    Outstanding capture, I love it
    • 14 Nov 2010 7:52PM
  • Scratching the Sky....

    V1 just oozes creepiness, excellent
    • 14 Nov 2010 7:51PM

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