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Welcome to my little portfolio, I hope you enjoy my photos.
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  • great pics everyone, here is one I took at the weekend in the grounds of Wroxall Abbey.
  • wow love those deer, well caught
  • No I haven't, thought I would try it on here first to see if anyone had a quick answer
  • Hi all

    hope someone can help on this as it is very frustrating.

    Occasionally I will upload a picture and I get a strange coloured band across the bottom of the image. (see my last upload in my portfolio for example 'wroxhall abbey')

    I have tried putting it through paint and re-saving as a new file to get rid of camera info incase this was causing the problem, but to no avail.

    It doesn't happen on every photo which makes it even more confusing.

    thanks in advance

  • you lot are so funny! but it has also been a helpful thread as you don't want to upset anyone.