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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my little portfolio, I hope you enjoy my photos.
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  • What Katie Did...

    Light reflections on the cobbles make this a fantastic image, shame about the storm.
    • 29 Mar 2016 8:09AM
  • Broadway Tower

    Lovely image, the sky adds drama
    • 29 Mar 2016 8:06AM
  • Chaffinchs male and female.

    Nice shot Bob
    • 27 Mar 2016 8:12AM
  • Heron

    love the reflections, great photo!
    • 26 Mar 2016 10:21AM
  • Castle Acre Priory

    both versions great but it is the mono for meGrin
    • 26 Mar 2016 9:38AM
  • temple devotee

    Amazing portrait, love it!
    • 26 Mar 2016 9:27AM
  • Heartless

    As a Magician I just had to vote for this, great idea!
    • 24 Mar 2016 7:57AM
  • Roseate Spoonbill

    • 23 Mar 2016 7:39PM

    nice shot, the clouds add to the drama
    • 23 Mar 2016 11:53AM
  • Featherweight Fighters again!

    fantastic shot and congratulations!Smile
    • 23 Mar 2016 11:49AM
  • a duck

    Quote:Clarity is good even to the water droplets - such a pity about the absent feet. I usually try and wait until there is a highlight in the eye before making a capture - otherwise I will add one if it is reasonable to do so. A
    • 22 Mar 2016 2:50PM
  • The Warning Enter Sandman

    • 1 Mar 2016 10:53AM
  • Erlestoke Manor

    what a great shot!
    • 1 Mar 2016 10:52AM
  • Catching the Sun

    • 29 Feb 2016 9:17PM
  • lamplight

    Thank you all for the helpful comments and mods.
    I have photoshop and lightroom on trial. I have now found the straightening and crop tool so will use that in future.
    I had played around with tint and in retrospect perhaps i should have uploaded the original for help.
    • 5 Feb 2016 12:29PM
  • Dawns a breaking

    Thank you
    • 4 Feb 2016 9:30AM
  • growing well

    thank you everyone for your lovely comments
    • 12 Sep 2010 7:42PM
  • Jake

    brilliant action shots Gary, looks like the kids had a fun day!
    • 3 Jul 2010 8:25AM
  • Attention

    • 29 Jun 2010 6:32PM
  • The High Jump

    there have been a few accidents from this latest craze of late, one lad was killed, they had a young man on the the telly last week who had paralysed himself from the neck down.

    Certainly not to be encouraged, great capture though
    • 29 Jun 2010 5:23PM
  • 1st Time Model

    very nice pic, and the camera loves so I hope she keeps modelling for you

    • 28 Jun 2010 7:45AM
  • Wheelchair Rugby

    great action shot!
    • 24 Jun 2010 9:29AM
  • Amie Dodgson

    very clever and made me smile Smile
    • 23 Jun 2010 12:49AM
  • May the Four Be With You

    oh this would have been so much better if you could have taken the character behind his left shoulder out of the picture. On the positive side I love the way the light catches his outfit
    • 21 Jun 2010 9:37PM
  • Helen III

    love the lighting
    • 19 Jun 2010 1:07PM
  • Deep in the Grasses

    great work, V1 for me too
    • 19 Jun 2010 8:40AM
  • Mr.Musician

    if the train came along it could have been a 'shuttle' shot, great idea that really works well done
    • 19 Jun 2010 8:08AM
  • Does my bum look big in this?

    brilliant POV
    • 19 Jun 2010 8:05AM

    I take it you didn't need a fast shutter speed for this one?
    • 18 Jun 2010 10:22AM
  • Whitby Abbey Reflection

    great reflections and colour, nice to see the other side of the abbey for a change
    • 18 Jun 2010 10:20AM