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A quick view of Magneto's recent activity.

  • Laytown races

    Thanks a million for all the nice comments guys! I was delighted with the shot, everthing just worked for me in this one Smile
    • 9 Nov 2017 7:48PM
  • Howth harbour

    We live ten minutes down the coast from here so visit it very often. It is a very photogenic location!
    • 25 Jul 2017 3:07PM
  • Rush

    Give it a go! The trams in Potsdam dont have a driver compartment at each end so you can do this. There is a handy height window sill that makes it fairly easy to set up. You need straight bit of track and smooth motion too. If the tram turns or judders you just get images that are too busy. Something I only saw when I got home is that there are tiny filaments in the glass, I assume for demisting, that can come out. I had to work hard in Lightroom to loose them.
    • 5 Jul 2017 1:49PM
  • Sisters rest

    I take a lot of pictures of this harbour at long exposure times. I find small boats are a disaster, impossible to get a sharp picture with more than a few seconds because they move. Big fishing trawlers like these weigh 50-80 tonnes and have a lot of inertia, so if its really still you can get fabulous pics. There needs to be zero wind and a very sheltered harbour too or else waves will cause a problem. Night time is good because you tend not to get boats moving around causing waves that might disturb the boats.
    • 27 Jun 2017 8:48AM
  • The Promise

    Thanks for the comments guys Smile
    • 23 Jun 2017 3:08PM
  • Dublin sunset

    Thanks for the feedback Willie, much appreciated.
    My local camera club is having the big summer exhibition next week and I am entering this. The theme is Landscape and sea and city scenes are allowed.
    I had to turn the exposure comp down to avoid the sky being totally blown out, which made the buildings very dark. I had to do a good bit of work in Lightroom to bring in the foreground.

    I like your edit, as you say its a different style. I think I will stick with the original for now though, although I will play around with the exposure at home later.

    The Coolpix A is fabulous little camera, miles better than I had expected, I picked mine up on ebay for 230 a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier with it. The fixed lens really makes you think about your composition and I think this is making me a better photographer.

    I will upload this to the regular gallery tomorrow,

    Thanks again,


    • 20 Jun 2017 3:34PM
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