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No ocupes el tiempo preocupándote, más bien ocupa tu tiempo buscando el cambio y lo efímero.
Do not occupy your time worrying, rather occupy your time looking for change and the ephemeral.
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  • The Science Lesson

    I like the photo and I immediately put my personal award. It is great!
    This type of antique television was black and white. Why did you color the face of the genius?
    • 14 Feb 2021 12:10PM
  • Ok.....who turned the blinking tap off ?

    Very nice. But the other photo is better for me (although I would have cropped the picture differently), because of the water drip and the "hummingbird (colibri) effect".
    • 7 Feb 2021 9:12AM
  • Love knows no risk

    Quote:This here is just the beginning..........neat picture, captured at the early stages of ...what?

    I took the photo at 19:59 (20/07/2019), at sunset, from the Cove of the Dead (Caló d'Es Mort) - you can see other photo about the place in my portfolio. I took many photos about the couple and later I warned them of the danger of the situation they were well aware of (!).
    In summer, the island is dry and dusty, so the light is well scattered and gives the photos pleasantly soft tones.
    • 7 Feb 2021 8:50AM
  • Going Home For The Last Time

    • 4 Feb 2021 8:40PM
  • The Breakdown Man

    Grin As a conditioning person in Dali’s art, I tried to understand philosophically what the details had to say. Everything is OK. The white shoelaces are brilliant. 177 + 13 = 190 (genial - maybe this is the real height of the man). The guy just realized it was Friday (so you have to add up the numbers and everything would be OK, just the car caught fire on that unfortunate day). The only thing I don’t understand is what the six birds have to say? Could someone help me? Tongue
    • 27 Jan 2021 2:44PM
  • Slow Below

    Yes, M.S.Unavailable, cutting the bottom stone would be better for me too and in this case I would send my personal award. In this form a GREAT LIKE. Grin
    • 26 Jan 2021 9:19PM
  • Snow Shower

    Beautiful! I'd love to walk there. Do you accept a small criticism? I am disturbed a little bit by the color yellow in this great whiteness. Maybe if you transformed this little part into B&W?
    • 26 Jan 2021 8:17PM
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