My business needs an excellent camera to show every close up detail so that led me to try photography in other areas since I had professional equipment.
I am always trying to improve but there is so much to learn and so little time.
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  • Scottsdale art district

    No VR on that lens, I should have had the 70-200 with me and of course the tripod. I am back in Sedona so cant do a do-over but will try some of the settings suggested if I get a chance later.
    I like the modification you did. Actually, Im not so concerned about the quality because I am trying to get quick shots of how this shutdown has affected our lives but want to know what I could have done better under the circumstances. My business is shut down and I am very depressed and want others to see what this is causing to real people.
    I love you modification! Thank you all.
    • 16 Apr 2020 10:41PM
  • Empty center of Sedona

    Thank you all, you have helped me soooo much. If you look back at my old settings, they were all over the place. Thank you for the positive comments, makes me want to continue to learn even more.
    • 14 Apr 2020 8:40PM
  • Cottonwood AZ,

    I like it better too
    • 12 Apr 2020 11:29PM
  • Cottonwood

    Empty Catholic Church on Palm Sunday, 2020. No one is even allowed to enter to pray!
    • 12 Apr 2020 6:12PM
  • Red Rock Country

    Still trying to get good shots, thanks for the suggestions.
    • 3 Apr 2020 9:14PM
  • Surrounding landscape at Willow Lake in Prescott AZ

    I will check all this weekend, especially the lens issue.
    • 14 Aug 2019 2:52PM
  • Willow Lake in Prescott AZ

    The speed was due to a windy day, all the greenery was swaying. At that speed the photos were too dark so increased ISO. I was hoping also that the hundreds of dragon flies would show up but when I magnified them, they were still blurry. There were also ducks in and out of the photos, but also blurry or too dark. It was early in the morning, cloudy day and I was sitting on the ground using my knees as a tripod. Smile
    The advice was to first try exposure for fast shutter speed and if not bright enough, iso as a last resort, which is what I did. What should I have had as settings? I am still learning and experimenting.
    • 12 Aug 2019 12:45PM

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