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A quick view of malum's recent activity.

  • Lighting

    The voltmeter may have worked, I didn't test it! It won't now because i had to remove a lot of the guts to fit things in. The needle settles there when it's upright. It is supposed to be used face up.
    it's an LED lamp on top so it's cool to the touch. The whole thing is only 6 watts.
    Would make an epic night light or just as a work of art.
    I've done a few others
    • 21 Jan 2019 11:12PM
  • Lucca's Duomo (Cattedrale di San Martino)

    I went for a straight painting. I could have corrected the lens distortion I guess.
    • 30 Oct 2018 2:22PM
  • art project

    Thanks for the award Hobbo and the comments all Grin
    • 3 Oct 2018 8:42AM
  • One man and his sheep

    Thanks for the user award MogoGrin
    • 4 Sep 2018 1:56PM
  • School days

    Thanks for the comments and awards folksSmile
    • 27 Aug 2017 10:09AM
  • Temple priest

    Nice. I can't believe I've just gone past an out of focus, badly composed and underexposed shot of a woman with a pot on her head that had 26 votes and come to this with only 19 votes!
    I think you have pushed the 'clarity' slider just a little too far for my taste but great capture nonetheless
    • 24 Aug 2017 12:20PM
  • Nude in nature

    IMHO this shot would be much better without the canvas style filter, maybe as a mono? Also cropped a little from the right side and maybe the bottom so that the line of her arm leads you into the picture
    • 24 Aug 2017 12:05PM
  • Some very nice images of Iceland.
    They have more meaning to me now that I have visited.
    Hopefully I'll come back one day and see the Northern Lights
  • Cracking portfolio. Instead of clicking everything I like I'll give you one big click here LOL
    • Posted on xanda's profile
    • 22 Nov 2007 4:26PM
  • Your comments on one of my shots brought me here.
    Some cracking shots in your PF, especially the underwater ones.