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Hi, making a little bit of a return (with a new camera) while waiting for surgery, but my postings will be sporadic for now. Hope to go visit some old friends soon. Thanks for looking in, all constructive crit etc very welcome.
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I had my first camera at the age of 11, a Brownie 127, which I still have to this day! I always loved taking photographs but rarely had more than one or two keepers on a roll of film. Now, with the age of digital cameras ... I can click away to my hearts content! Since joining EPZ I have learned a lot ... and hope to learn a heck of a lot more, as I know that there is soooo much room for improvement. It is with the help of EPZ'er that I have come this far and I think that if it hadn't been for this wonderful site, I would probably have given it up long ago! I have also made some great friends along the way too, which is a fantastic bonus in my eyes. When I visit other peoples p/f's ..... if I leave a click it means I like what I see ... if I think it may be improved in some way I will say so ... but ... I must stress that it is just my opinion, and that we all see things differently and interpret things differently, and thank heavens for that too! The point I am trying to make is this .... I do NOT click just to get clicks back on my own work .... that is not what it is about! I am ALWAYS looking to improve and any advice, suggestions (clean ones please! LOL!) and constructive critisism is very welcome. So, thank you to all out there that have helped me thus far, you will never know how much I appreciate it!
I have returned to the site quite recently after a long absense due to personal and also technical problems ... so catching up with people is going to be a long proccess but I will get there eventually.

My email address is [email protected] if you wish to email me .... but please put EPZ in the subject so I won't delete you by mistake! Wink

By the way, One of my sons, SoupyD (Graham) has just joined EPZ! So if you get chance ..... please check out his p/f
My Partner Kelvin, is also a member of EPZ so if you get chance ... check his p/f too! @ Kelvin

Many many thanks to Walter (gajewski) for the help in getting this link made for me .... I have lost great chunks of hair trying to figure it out! LOL! Cheers Walt!


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